Scott Goldbaum (Vocals / Guitar), Molly Rogers (Viola / Vocals / Keys), Mike Mussleman (Drums) and Nick Chadian (Bass) – from Los Angeles in the USA form the alt-rock band Forebear.

Forebear - alt-rock from the USA


There are some days that one just feels as though they must be in a moment of maturity and today is such an animal in my life as not for the first time I write a full review of a group of musicians who compose music which seeks concentration to achieve most value.

Forebear take drops of classics, rock and frustrations of life to produce music which feeds the brain with a mesmeric soundscape of evolution.

The viola affords the quartet the opportunity to add flourishes of impetuousity without it deflecting from the direction of travel as the band deliver material which has a natural flow akin to the tides. Additional spikes of key allows for an introspective feel to the movements as the drum keeps up an incorrigible pace to which bass maintains the sense of urgency. The guitar is not lost in the thread of the material as it is given space to spread chords betwixt the activity occurring, providing the pivotal point, whilst the vocal provides the context of the out-put.

An intriguing band that deserves the wider world to invest time to get to know them better.


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