Long-Distance – Be A Man – Single Review

The Scotland based alt-rock quartet Long-Distance released the single Be A Man on the 16th.



Be A Man (available on bandcamp) is a blend of melancholic-rock and indie-dance which intrigues for the disparity of source influences that Long-Distance are able to deliver with a striking confidence that holds the listener fully absorbed.

The slowly bending guitar drifts through the speakers, as though a spectral imprint, while the quiet pinning of bass and drum lay as a frame for a signature vocal which is able to stretch to notes high and low enabling the band to impart a composition of intense emotions.

With only a couple of songs available, each a year apart, I merely hope that it isn’t a further twelve months before I next hear from Long-Distance.

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How We Got Giraffes – Honeypot – Audio

How We Got Giraffes is a Scotland based alt-rock quartet.

How We Got Giraffes

How We Got Giraffes

In addition to the various tracks around, word arrives of an EP out later in the year and these are a group of musicians to get to know in the early stages of their career. Their whimsical thoughts are gathered inside well structured and delivered compositions.

The most recent song is Honeypot (available on bandcamp) which is also their most fiery with a headlong rush of energy that grabs hold of the listener and pulls them to the dance-floor. The elongated guitar giving the song its infectious warmth and the bass its depth.

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