Marius Mæland – Lucent Vortex – Single Review

The Norwegian scifidm creator Marius Mæland released the single Lucent Vortex on the 7th.

Marius Mæland

Marius Mæland

Only a couple of songs have been released, both, spectral brushes of electronica that have a mesmeric ebb and flow which bends the rhythm of the synapses and slows down, like a tranquillising dart, the passing of time.

Opening with the anticipatory measures of a symphonic orchestration Lucent Vortex gradually transforms in to a multi-dimensional spacious soundtrack of rotational instrumental and keyboard synthesis, a linear percussion and with the lithe electronica moulding itself in to the ever transitional shapes that affords the composition its immersive presence in a piece which doesn’t reach three and a quarter minutes, though carries the mind afar in its brief presence.

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Lucent Vortex – Single – Marius Mæland is available on iTunes.*

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