Schnarff Schnarff – Flip The Cross – Audio

Schnarff Schnarff – the Scottish grunge quintet release the LP The Evil That We Do… digitally on the 9th and as a CD on the 16th.

Schnarff Schnarff - photo credit - Elske Photography

Schnarff Schnarff – photo credit – Elske Photography

To surface within the past twenty-four hours Flip The Cross has a more spacious feel than music from the LP previously featured, yet that needs to be put into the context of a band who deliver compositions that have the industrial feel of sheets of metal grinding one against the other.

Running the track at approaching four minutes Schnarff Schnarff allow themselves the room to expand the themes with shifts in pace and inflection giving Flip The Cross a sense of disconsolate anxiety.

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Schnarff Schnarff – Mario 1-2 – Audio

The Scottish grunge quintet Schnarff Schnarff will be releasing their début LP The Evil That We Do… in September.

Schnarff Schnarff

Schnarff Schnarff

A long awaited follow-up to their eponymous five track EP from 2014, the first track to surface from the album is Mario 1-2 which bursts out of the speakers like a bottle brush being used as an ear-bud. Clearing it certainly is and the drips of blood flowing from the ears are well worth the scouring as the fulminating percussion shatters through the timpani finding itself rattling against the cochlea as the pulsing bass clears out the sinuses and the weaving guitar projects the ears to a state of alert – akin to a bat scanning its radar and suddenly the vocal, like a stalker captures the listener unawares.

By the sense of the taster of The Evil That We Do… in Mario 1-2 this will be an album well worth adding to the collection and I will appraise you further as I am able.


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