Astral Trip – Music’s Not Dead – Audio

The English sludge-rock duo Astral Trip released the three track single Say What!! on the 3rd.

Astral Trip - Music's Not Dead

Astral Trip

The middle track for evident reasons is the one I have chosen to feature – Music’s Not Dead as it expounds a sentiment portrayed by every band featured stretching back to the last decade despite what ‘pundits’ have to say about the world of creative musicians whilst ensconced in only listening to the tripe of mass media marketing – or as Astral Trip put it to tune Music’s Not Dead.

Whilst a fine tune in itself I share this as a toast to every musician who sends me through music and to those who take to time out of their day to discover what has wended my way for curation as evidence that music really isn’t dead and thank the duo for evidencing the realities of creative music that still instils joy to the ears.

Say What!! is available on bandcamp.

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