Camp Candle – Save Me – Single Review

The US creamwave duo Camp Candle released the single Save Me yesterday.

Camp Candle

Camp Candle

Save Me (available on bandcamp) is a track which has the listener immediately slipping off footwear and searching for thick carpeting in which to sink their toes as the luxurious flow of the song ensconces the body in a warm flow of oiled potions which sink far in to the soul and is best heard whilst softly whispering into a partners ears as the synthesised flacking percussion and fluctuation of guitar teases the dulcet vocal from beneath the duvet to enrapture, with its evocative caresses and inviting the audience to interweave limbs and loins.


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Zee Will – Boost – Video

Zee Will an urban-rapper from the USA revealed the LP ill Mantra on the 2nd.

Zee Will

Zee Will

The lyric spirals around the room whilst the looping backdrop adds cadence and context to the contemplation of social mores having been displaced by discordant connectivity where ‘what is in it for me’ has replaced ‘I would be pleased to help’.

From the eight track album, the second – Boost – which is indicative of the style of the output by Zee Will with the deployment of scathing lyric rather than full-frontal noise assault to deliver its message of derision.


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Developers from London in England is the orchestral-rock trio of Raph HurwitzJonny Wanders and Alex Hurwitz.

Developers - Orchestral-rock from England


The music that drifts easily around the room attests to musicians who know one-end of a songsheet from the other and the trio of names will, for those of particularly good memory, call to mind an article published in 2011 about a quartet named Audiogold. Developers is a new band that takes the former structures and adds an unguent fluidity to the output.

The trio confidently introduce strings and keys to the rock instrumentation allowing them to deliver music which, while complex in structure, lays easily on the ears. Nods are made towards big ’70s Stadium rock bands, which they mellow out to provide the audience with a progression that doesn’t wander off into obscure flights of fantasy. Developers have set themselves a very high bar, which tests both writing and performing skills, examinations they pass with flying colours and demand of the listener – concentration.

At present there is only one release of music, which is being publicly performed for the first time this evening in about an hour, their début EP 1.4 . Opening with Movement 1, which serves as a scene setter followed by three additional, named tracks containing featured elements – The Call, Save Me and closing with Your Grace. Much like a concerto plus one, this needs to be played through in full to gain optimum value, though each individual section can survive alone, as each becomes a progression of the previous, prior to dissolving into itself, leaving the listener the sense of having travelled a circumnavigation of a concept.

Without wishing to seeming to be plagiarising Monty Python – now for something completely different…

…The stream below of the full EP will only play for twenty four hours from 20:30 UTC – an hours time from publication of this article. Come the release of EP 1.4 I will replace it with a more permanent entity.

social media page

1.4 – Ep – Developers is available on iTunes.*

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