Savants – Sneak E. Gardner – Video

The US psychedelic-garage quartet Savants recently released a two track split single with Tomorrows Tulips.

Savants - Tomorrows Tulips -Split Single

Savants – Tomorrows Tulips -Split Single

Savants have the ability to create music that from the first note pricks up the ears, then drawing the listener in to their magical carpet ride of trippy pleasure. Sneak E. Gardner (available on Narnack Records) once again attests to that knack of theirs.

Tomorrows Tulips website.

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Savants – View From The Floor – Video

Savants is a psychedelic-garage outfit from the USA.

Savants - eponymous LP - artwork

Savants – eponymous LP – artwork

A band I must get back to when there is some new material around.

By way of an introduction, a live version of View From The Floor, the seventh of the eleven tracks on their eponymous LP, which is available on bandcamp.


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