Unohu from Mumbai in India is the alt-rock trio of Sarthak Karkare (Vocals / Guitar),  Yohann Coutinho (Bass) and Shashwat Karkare (Drums).

Unohu - alt-rock from India


Well driven sounds nail themselves into the ears as Unohu deliver songs which would sit well anywhere you can find a rock audience. The trio are able to give themselves room to negotiate the compositions which have a spaciousness to them that fools the ears to thinking there must be more than three players.

The music is both steeped in melody and driving impetus, giving the band a solid platform from which to develop the textures, resulting in the listener receiving well conceived and developed pieces of music which immediately capture attention.

A couple of years behind them Unohu have been honing their craft in live performance and their debut EP a four track – Asunder only appeared in June. Through allowing themselves time to establish their skills, the trio have been able to deliver a fine primary release, which both texturally and in range sets the band in good stead to establish a far broader international audience. The selected songs demonstrate both the ability and spaciousness of Unohu.

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