The Lefties

From Detroit in the USA Ben Rice (Drums), Sarit Dhar (Guitar / Vocals), Jacob Wolf (Guitar / Vocals) and Andrew Bradley (Bass) recently got together to form the garage-trip band The Lefties.

The Lefties - Garage-trip from the USA

The Lefties

A mellowing blend of haze and eddies scatter their plumes across the room as The Lefties combine raw edge with blurring and rather than coming up with well buffed finish, has a fascinating psychedelic waft in which the mind can explore the fusions.

Bustling bass is subsumed within echoing fuzzy guitars which in turn are directed by a conducive percussion that insists there is a purpose and it is this combination of the fantastical with the stoical that allows The Lefties to produce music that intrigues the ears. The occasional frosted vocal adds a world-weariness that gives the finish to the out-put as it sways between point of attention to an off-centre after-thought.

Currently in the throes of putting together live performances, with their first gig on the 16th, The Lefties elected to put out a six track LP – For Daisy (available on bandcamp), prior to embarking on the live circuit. As someone who isn’t even in the same continent never mind local area I am delighted, as always, when musicians offer their music to broader audiences and it is with pleasure I received their introduction and wish them well on the tumultuous journey that is the music business.

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