evokateur an alt electro band from London in England is Sarah VillarausHector Villaraus and Simon Lowry.

evokateur - alt electro from England


Whilst evokateur play around with textures of electro-pop, underlying the out-put is a scintillating avant-garde reflective which spins around the room cascading against the brain in delightful rhythms as the outfit extrapolate finesses as a good bridge player is able, to provide the audience with sounds which captivate.

If I have to raise a criticism, I oft find in this sector of the music industry, one song remixed over and over is presented as new material and evokateur sadly also suffer from this strange delusion, but when they get round to original compositions this is fine music in which to spend more than a moment.

It was back in January 2011 that they were brought to my attention and life has moved forward for them as they concentrate more on live performance, than making recorded material available, which is perhaps precisely where the focus for this type of music should lay, instantaneous and immediately accessible.

evokateur have understood that it is the organic, living and breathing nature of the music which is the core element that marks out the differentiation and whilst the recordings are of good quality, I get the feeling that live performance would add a distinctive dimension.


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