Honeymilk from Stockholm in Sweden is the psychedelic-rock quartet of Albin Wesley (Bass), Erik Fritz (Drums), Nikki Nyberg (Guitar) and Marcus Admund (Vocals).

Honeymilk - Psychedelia from Sweden


The sounds of Honeymilk glide across the room in a smoothly flowing wave as the guitar paints colourful rainbows for the ears to enjoy, without becoming overly flowery the music is able to relax the mind with the wafting textures. A firmly anchored bass / percussion gives the out-put a rolling direction of travel, whilst the vocal calmly brings the elements together as though folding a mousse together.

With a few years behind them Honeymilk have had various hiccups over their existence, which is itself formed from the ashes of another band – Urmas Plant and it wasn’t really until last year they got into gear and although an LP – Lean On The Sun appeared a further line-up change left them with another years delay in their follow-up – the EP – Sanguine Skies, which is set for release imminently.

Despite the trails and tribulations Honeymilk has managed to keep a steady flow of singles, the latest of which is A Scene In Between and tours and their most recent which starts next week is a short trip to England .

I hope Honeymilk find a period of stability as the music that does manage to filter through is smartly composed and well worth taking time to hear.


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