Sandtimer – Loner – Audio

The English sad-folk band Sandtimer are working towards the release of an LP.

Sandtimer - Loner


The track Loner (available on bandcamp) from the forthcoming album was released today as standalone single.

A song which meanders through the room as though a river carving an ox-bow lake with its switching rhythms affording the track a dynamic range that reflects of a tenuous grip on an ultimately doomed relationship as it parries through its final throes betwixt continuity and conclusion.

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Sandtimer – New Year Morning – Single Review

Sandtimer is a melancholic-folk band from England.



Sandtimer and I have been exchanging emails since 2016 though I have never quite managed to align timing – so it is a pleasure that I have finally been able to get my act together with their latest song –  New Year Morning – which came out on the 1st and is the first reveal from their forthcoming LP.

Their back catalogue of releases comprises of music which is of varied approaches to folk influences drawn from around the world that is tinged in sorrowful countenance, expressed particularly by the distinctive vocal with its rich baritone intonations to where the listener instinctively, initially, steers attention. The surrounding layers, sometimes delivered as a duo other times as a quartet, doesn’t seek to fight the voice, rather, adds depth of texture to complement and enhance the overall output and when the ears head towards the instrumentation they discover equally as impressive performance with the weaves of frequencies creating intoxicating flows of sound in which to experience the wistful compositions.

Sandtimer are a case in point where the sum of the parts is far greater than the individual constituents.

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