Two Door Rev

Two Door Rev is the distortion-rock duo of Sam Watroba (Vocals / Guitar) and Jean Thorn (Drums) from Chico in the USA.

Two Door Rev - distortion-rock from the USA

Two Door Rev

The sounds shatter into fragments before they leave the speakers and once exposed to air they disintegrate further dissolving into grains of sand as they reach the ears.

Two Door Rev are a band best played loudly to maximise the effects of the distortion and screeching whorls of air pressure can be felt blowing across my forearms as I type. Given the levels of fuzz it would be easy to assume that the music is not of compositional substance, though making such an assumption would be miss the whole point of the duo, who create as an art-form solid song writing and ability to deliver the music, which only then is desiccated.

With a couple of LPs (both available on bandcamp along with two singles) behind them it is evident that they have become more confident in their technique, merely asking the listener to open their minds to the unexpected and once done – spending time in their company becomes impressively cathartic.

From the LP Noise In The Same KeyScepters and Bombs.

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