Pravda Cabal

Joe Hammill (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Dixon (Bass), Jack Smith (Guitar) and Sam Smith (Drums)  from Bedworth in England form the agit-rock band Pravda Cabal.

Pravda Cabal - agit-rock from England

Pravda Cabal

With only limited material to hear I can only recommend getting to know Pravda Cabal in their early days as they combine furious lyric, railing against societal disconnection, with euphonious melody which gives the construct greater impact.

Blended guitars allow the quartet to describe the arcs of the journey as they lay-out the landscape allowing the bass to rumble around the room in idiosyncratic isolation whilst percussion ties the elements together. It is to the absolute credit of Pravda Cabal that rather than thrusting their message down the throat of the listener they have chosen to utilise superbly constructed compositions and delivery to make their wary eye more forceful and I look forward to hearing more of their material in short order.

Thinking of which, it is with some kindness, despite my usual ranting email replies I am able to share with you a track that won’t be released until the 16th of January – Crumble And Fall.

My two hopes for future material is that there isn’t another gap of a year between releases and they are able to herd songs in to a bundle to allow the listener to hit play and enjoy a thread of delightful music.

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