Antesaint is the rock quartet of Hayley Smith (Vocals / Bass), Sam Sharpe (Rhythm Guitar), Thomas Wilkinson (Lead Guitar) and Joe Hunter (Drums / Vocals) from Barnsley in England.

Antesaint - rock from England


Intricate streams of notes circulate around the room as Antesaint announce their arrival. The forlorn vocal sits as a mourning lament to world that has lost its way as the fragile disambiguation of the sounds fragment in the ears in an emotional commentary.  The quartet is able to portray thoughts on tenuous threads of connectivity which speak volumes of reality.

Finely balancing fractional discourse with a solid backing Antesaint provide delicacy, which enhances the resulting out-put, of what are essentially rock driven compositions. There is a powerful undercurrent of thematic chords and riffs to allow fans of rock to engage, whilst a wispiness of meandering progressions affords the band to explore new horizons that draws in alternate audiences.

This is an interesting line of travel that ploughs new furrows for others to pursue as Antesaint add tenderness and a sense of insecurity locked within confident outpourings of emotionality. Originally formed as a trio the addition of Tom has given the band a renewed impetus.

I give them credit for the manner in which they are able to shed a tear without shame and they deserve support for the intensity of the resulting out-put.

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