The Tommy Drums

The Tommy Drums an alt-indie rock band from Cheltenham in England is Sam Jones (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Jamie Cairney (Lead Guitar), Fraser Hopkins (Bass) and Jack Quance (Drums).

The Tommy Drums - alt-indie from England

The Tommy Drums

A delightful sound emanates around the room, permeating every nook and cranny as The Tommy Drums deliver their angst riven material. What I particularly enjoy about the quartet is the way they control the delivery speed, which must have been tempting to hurtle like the hare passing the starting gates at a greyhound night of racing.

By controlling the pace The Tommy Drums provide space for the well composed songs to gain traction, leaving the listener captured both in the melodies and moment. That isn’t to say they can’t harry along the music, where appropriate, and the audience is left in no doubt this is a band with much potential to travel far.

Whilst deploying the two guitars to give the tracks more solidity The Tommy Drums do not ignore the bass / percussion spine of the sound that are equally given room to be heard over which rings a well suited vocal.

I was looking forward to spending a few more hours listening to the music, but sadly so far the repertoire doesn’t extend that long, I look forward to when it does.

So, having commented how I particularly like the tempered measure, here is one of The Tommy Drums faster songs….

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