Betty Pulls A Fast One – Dressed In Birds – Audio

The English sadcore duo Betty Pulls A Fast One are scheduling the release of the LP – Dressed In Birds – for February.

Betty Pulls A Fast One

Betty Pulls A Fast One

There is a skill required to be able to create music which is so dour of countenance that rather than attending the regular funerals of an ever dwindling audience as a result of self-inflicted injuries whilst listening to the compositions  – musicians find themselves with an expanding following who immerse themselves in the the brooding darkness finding a cohesive catharsis in the material and Betty Pulls A Fast One, who have regularly featured on numerous occasions since their introduction in 2016, are one such duo.

Those of longer stay, or who click the link to the initial introduction will discover Dressed In Birds was first scheduled for release last year. I am more hopeful that the appearance of the title track with its minor chords progression does signify the album’s imminent arrival.

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Midnight Brewers – Silver Ashtray – Audio

Midnight Brewers is an English sadcore duo.

Midnight Brewers

Midnight Brewers

With material dating back to 2016, each of different iteration, there is always an undercurrent of melancholia which sweeps through the room on taking a listen to the back-catalogue and when one starts to explore so the further one wishes to delve in the wistful tones of music.

A couple of tunes surfaced on the 3rd and serving as an introduction to a band I look forward to hearing more from in due course – the keys led Silver Ashtray.


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pinecones – it’s fine (i’m fine) – Audio

pinecones is a sadcore duo from the USA.

pinecones - summer in december - artwork

pinecones – summer in december – artwork

Their début EP summer in december surfaced this month.

A five track release (available on bandcamp) that minds the listener of an evening on the shoreline as temperature drops, coinciding with a tide rapidly receding over flats of sand with a sense of sadness that the day is drawing to close, only to find ones toes sinking in to warm wet sand and rather than falling in to despair – finding solace and pleasure in past memories.

My pick of the release being the second – it’s fine (i’m fine).


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All Is Worth – The Weight Of Summer – Audio

The English sadcore project All Is Worth releases the eponymous LP on the 1st of January 2018.

All Is Worth

All Is Worth

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) of mellowed melancholia in which the listener takes great solace as the music melts like a bowl of ice-cream on a hot sunny day.

Underlying the songs is a fragile acoustic guitar, with slipping fingers on the steel strings delivering a piquancy of texture, which provides the context for the music, through which disparate instrumentation, percussion and synthetics interweave, as ethereal, gauzy vocal floats, like a spectre, through the room.

My pick of the release being the third – The Weight Of Summer.

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Cherry Coloured – A Sudden Warmness – Audio

The Israeli sadcore project of עמית בויום (Amit Buium)  Cherry Coloured is finalising details of the LP Behind.

Cherry Coloured

Cherry Coloured

From the forthcoming album A Sudden Warmness, which was released as a stand alone single earlier this month, which is available on bandcamp, is a dreamy landscape in which to rest the mind through its almost seven minutes duration.

A thrubbing singular bass note opens the track creating a tempo which stays in the head throughout the song, prior to pastel shades of electronica drift through the ears with sparse metallophone and a vocal gazing through a voile imperceptibly building the volume of the track prior to collapsing in to silence.

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