Jan Braathen – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – Audio

The sadcore creator Jan Braathen, from Oslo (Norway), releases the LP
In The Shadow Of The Fourth Dimension on the 10th of January 2019.

Jan Braathen
Jan Braathen

A thirteen track album, available through Nobel Records, which stretches through a series of guitar based dour ballads in which various guest instrumentalists and vocalists join to give each track a distinctive texture.

Not an LP to bring out at a wedding celebration but most certainly one to accompany more pensive moments where the music accompanies as a reminder although one may be solitary one is not alone.

Having reflected on the isolated moments in the LP, my pick of the release – the eight track – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – is inevitably the most upbeat and inclusive on the release.


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Victoria Bigelow – Blame – Audio

The New York (USA) sadcore musician Victoria Bigelow is working towards the release of the EP Going Blue.

Victoria Bigelow

Victoria Bigelow

A couple of tracks have surfaced from the EP, the most recent of which, released as a standalone single on the 9th, Blame is best heard with a draw full of clean handkerchiefs prior to approaching.

The dreamy acoustics immerse themselves deep in to the limbic system and the listener finds themselves wallowing in the tear streaked melodic syncopation of the composition as the beat scatters through the ears overlayed by the intoxicating and hypnotic flow of the woe-struck emotional melancholia of the vocal.


Blame – Single – Victoria Bigelow is available on iTunes.*

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Tender Glue – City Girl – Audio

Tom Gluewicki, based in New York (USA), is the sadcore musician performing under the name Tender Glue who released the LP Closet Leftovers on the 28th.

Tender Glue

Tender Glue

There is an alluring fragility to the compositions which have a quiet melancholia that folds around the listener in saddened threads of instrumentation and fractured vocal.

The nine track album (available on bandcamp) is best approached in full setting to allow the tear-stained songs to build their layers of emotional intensity which envelop the mind.

City Girl, the fourth track, being my highlight of the LP.


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AVEC – Under Water – Video

AVEC is an Austrian introspective-rock project.



Earlier in the month the LP Heaven / Hell was released, a roughly three quarters of an hour, nine track, album of illuminating emotive melodies that are tipped with the expressive, sympathetic voca which is the signature of the output, that reflect on the emotional ups and downs of life and relationships.

A European tour in support of the release of the album will start on late October

THU 25 OCTOBER Orpheum Extra Graz, Austria
SAT 27 OCTOBER Kulturverein Röda Steyr, Austria
TUE 30 OCTOBER WUK Vienna, Austria
WED 31 OCTOBER Alter Schlachthof (Schl8hof) Wels, Austria
THU 1 NOVEMBER Gretchen Berlin, Germany
FRI 2 NOVEMBER Nochtwache Hamburg, Germany
SAT 3 NOVEMBER Simplon Kleine Zaal Groningen, Netherlands
SUN 4 NOVEMBER Altstadt Eindhoven, Netherlands
TUE 6 NOVEMBER White / Noise Stuttgart, Germany
WED 7 NOVEMBER Rockhouse Salzburg, Austria
THU 8 NOVEMBER Milla Munich, Germany
FRI 9 NOVEMBER Vaz Hafen Innsbruck, Austria
SAT 10 NOVEMBER Spielboden Dornbirn, Austria
SUN 11 NOVEMBER Papiersaal Zürich, Switzerland
TUE 13 NOVEMBER Beatpol Dresden, Germany
THU 15 NOVEMBER Roxy – Kultur in Ulm Ulm, Germany
FRI 16 NOVEMBER Kulturzentrum das Haus Ludwigshafen, Germany
SAT 17 NOVEMBER Sonic Visions Festival 2018 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
TUE 20 NOVEMBER Melkweg Upstairs Amsterdam, Netherlands
WED 21 NOVEMBER Luxor Live Arnhem, Netherlands
THU 22 NOVEMBER Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht, Netherlands
FRI 23 NOVEMBER Alter Schlachthof Eupen, Belgium
SAT 24 NOVEMBER Studio 672 Cologne, Germany
SAT 22 DECEMBER OKH Offenes Kulturhaus Vocklabruck, Austria
SUN 23 DECEMBER Gasthaus Höller St. Peter am Wimberg, Austria

Under Water is the third song.


Heaven / Hell – Avec is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

honey swell – Bad City – Audio

honey swell is a US sadcore outfit.

honey swell - photo by Ashley Gellman Photography

honey swell – photo by Ashley Gellman Photography

The three track eponymous single which was released at the tail end of last month, available on bandcamp, (you are correct –  another email that I managed to get to open very late despite having had plenty of advanced notice, apologies to everyone) doesn’t ruffle the pressure waves as it slips out of the speakers in a lofi wave of plaintive emo.

Yet, despite its almost imperceptible presence – the mind still finds itself wound in contorted knots of paranoia long after the the ten minutes duration of the three songs have passed.

By way of an introduction – the opening track – Bad City.

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