Demi Mitchell – Fiction From Fact – Audio

The Australian sad-folk creator Demi Mitchell releases the LP The Overflow on the 30th.

Demi Mitchell

Demi Mitchell

The room is filled with a luxurious layering of melancholic instrumentation through which the smouldering vocal burns deep in to the marrow-bone with its mesmeric timbre. The slowly pulsating wave of the compositions, which are sparse of annotations, are able to lay the dour shadowing that affords the space for the voice to fill the voids.

From the nine track album (which is available on bandcamp) the most recent song to be revealed is Fiction From Fact.


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Chantitown – Truth – Audio

Chantitown is an English sad-folk project.



Filling the room with a haunting melancholia as the captivating compositions roll from the speakers. The hypnotic draw to the music is the superlative voice as it is given space to spread its wings. The combinations of keys, acoustic guitar and electronica generate the dreamy atmosphere of the songs which have a tempting beauty that gently thread around the listener as the mesmerising textures layer through the ears.

My apologies, this has been sitting in my email inbox for a while, making me a little later than usual to the EP – Cause And The Cure which was released on the 17th. My selection of the five songs being the second track – Truth – which has a lilting traditionalist, verging on Indian sub-continental, immersive quality.


Cause and the Cure – EP – Chantitown is available on iTunes.*

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Sandtimer – Loner – Audio

The English sad-folk band Sandtimer are working towards the release of an LP.

Sandtimer - Loner


The track Loner (available on bandcamp) from the forthcoming album was released today as standalone single.

A song which meanders through the room as though a river carving an ox-bow lake with its switching rhythms affording the track a dynamic range that reflects of a tenuous grip on an ultimately doomed relationship as it parries through its final throes betwixt continuity and conclusion.

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Thomas & The Empty Orchestra – In The Eaves – Audio

The English sad folk project of Thomas Matthew Bower –  Thomas & The Empty Orchestra released the EP Let Go on the 20th.

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra photo credit - Mal Whichelow

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra photo credit – Mal Whichelow

A roughly seventeen minutes, four track, EP of worrisome wistful introspection that captures the imagination and lifts the audience in to their own reflections of loss.

As is so often the case with melancholic and reflective music, rather than being left with a sense of hopelessness despite having been drawn in to dark folds in the memory, the listener leaves with a sense of catharsis having shared a moment with another to explore the past and see a future with a brighter light.

The opening song, In The Eaves, being my pick of the release.

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Let Go is available on Amazon.*

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Denim Gorgeous – Feed On The Lonely – Audio

The US sad-folk project Denim Gorgeous will be releasing the EP Songs From The Shelf next month.

Denim Gorgeous

Denim Gorgeous

Songs From The Shelf is the follow up to last years equally melancholic Whats Salt Worth with a couple of songs so far appearing – the most recent of which is Feed On The Lonely.

The aching pull of the sparse guitar sets up the hushed vocal to create a two and three quarters minutes of desolate beauty to encircle the ears.

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