The Feel Bad Hit

The Feel Bad Hit a gauze-rock quartet from Kansas City in the USA is the trio of Ryan Leip (Guitar / Vocals), Richard Stone (Bass / Vocals) and Freddy Aguirre (Drums).

The Feel Bad Hit - gauze-rock from the USA

The Feel Bad Hit

It is no good checking your speaker connection to try and clear the distortion, it is that very grainy sound which makes The Feel Bad Hit of such joy and counter-intuitively – precise. Underpinning the mesh of delivery is a frantic percussion, which feeds through to the bones, whilst a pernicious bass pulses into the eardrums, to which the guitar meanders like a gull on a hazy distant horizon as the muffled vocal fleeting strays into range, before scattering into shimmering, disappearing waves.

Whether tracks form their briefest of well under 120 seconds to approaching 600, The Feel Bad Hit is able to invest in the compositions an ever changing landscape of sound which keep the listener attuned to what is occurring. Time becomes an irrelevance as the cerebrum gives up control, allowing the mind to sink into the melange of textures which emerge around the room and the fuzz becomes a natural feature of the auditory cortex.

It is when the music stops that you will find yourself discombobulated by the simple dimensions of normal timpani input.

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