Electric Currant – RUST – Audio

The New Zealand industrial-glitch quartet Electric Currant released the two track single CORRODE on the 12th.

Electric Currant

Electric Currant

The two songs are of very different flavour – my selection from the single (available on bandcamp) being the opener RUST – much akin to the release title the listener is left inspecting their speakers just to ensure the acidic, corrosive glitch hasn’t found its way into the cabinets as the nibbled stutter of the electronica leaves the room coated in an acrid steam.

The closer AI – being a softly brushed multilayered RnB weave of voices and instrumentation.

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Hiroshima Hearts – Rust – Video

Hiroshima Hearts is a dirty-blues-rock band from Canada I must get back to in the next few months.

Hiroshima Hearts - eponymous LP - artwork

Hiroshima Hearts – eponymous LP – artwork

Serving as an introduction, from their eponymous LP – the fourth of the nine tracks – Rust.

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Hiroshima Hearts – Hiroshima Hearts is available on iTunes.*

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