Наадя (Naadia) – Спутник (Satellite) – Video

The Russian dream-wave band Наадя (Naadia) have regularly appeared since their introduction in 2016.

Наадя (Naadia) - Спутник (Satellite)


Recorded in live performance in Moscow and of more punctuated countenance than music of theirs more usually featured.

Спутник (Satellite) revolves around a skittish electronica through which the scintillating voice of Надежда Грицкевич (Nadya Griskiewicz) echoes as though imploring from a buried sarcophagus.

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ESTATE – Winter Kingdom – Video

The Russian prog-metal quintet ESTATE will be releasing the LP Mirrorland on the 20th of April.



Continuing to develop their profile in the Russian rock scene, regularly supporting international touring bands as well as headlining their own tour schedule, Mirrorland can’t help but raise their profile more broadly internationally.

Winter Kingdom, from the forthcoming album, serves a decent representation of their music as an introduction with its powerful melodies and highly impressive delivery.

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VEiiLA – Mantra – Audio

The Russian gothic-spire duo VEiiLA released the LP Dive on the 7th.



The haunting beauty of the vocal of Vif Nütefills, akin to a Brocken spectre, captivates the attention whilst two synths wrap silky webs around the listener as the electro-drums manipulated by Bes Eiredt fasten the listener in wet leather which dries around the wrists, leaving the audience writhing in tightly bound ecstasy.

The six track album (available on bandcamp) is best heard in a echoing dimly lit dungeon with candles dripping across the torso.

The third song is the six and just over a third minutes – Mantra and my pick of the release.


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Наадя (Naadia) – Облака (Clouds) – Video

It has been approaching a year since the Russian dreamwave outfit Наадя (Naadia) last featured.

Наадя (Naadia) - Облака (Clouds)

Наадя (Naadia)

The newest track – Облака (Clouds) – is borne through the room in contrasts of the flexing muscles of bulging bass-loops and the fragile feathering synth through which the vocal hovers like a bird flighting in and out of focus through sunlight and occlusions of broken stratus.

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Sex Of Insects – I Can Hear The Light – Audio

The Russian progressive house duo Sex Of Insects release the single I Can Hear The Light on the 4th of August.

Sex Of Insects

Sex Of Insects

The five track release – comprising of the original plus four remixes – Sex Of Insects – in their usual mastery of disguise are able to deliver what is essentially an EDM soundtrack delivered predominately through synthesised guitar.

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I Can Hear the Light – Sex Of Insects is available on iTunes.*

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