Truett – Run Me Down – Audio

The US delta-blues project Truett is planning on releasing a five track EP on the 24th of April 2018.

Truett - Photo credit - Erica Glass

Truett – Photo credit – Erica Glass

From the forthcoming release the song Run Me Down was released as a stand alone single yesterday.

Oops, I should have worn a pair of galoshes prior to hitting play as the muddy flow of the swamp water floods the room. Oh, what is that I have found laying in the gloop – is that a bass string poking out of the speakers I can pluck in unison?

You get the idea – music that bruises the sub-woofer and how could I not recommend turning up the volume very loudly for a track that lasts less than three minutes – merely – by my experience ensure you are already covered in a Sou’wester prior to committing yourself.


Run Me Down – Single – TRUETT is available on iTunes.*

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