Ruby Jubilee – Lost And Found – Audio

It was back in August of last year the US experimental-jazz collaboration of Ruby Jubilee was introduced with a suggestion that an LP was soon to be released.

Ruby Jubilee

Ruby Jubilee

After some little delay the eponymous LP surfaced on the 20th. A ten track, approximately thirty four minutes release, of smooth textures that keeps the listener connected is perhaps appropriately opened by the track Lost And Found.

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Ruby Jubilee – We 3 Dolphins – Audio

The US collaborative existentialist-experimentalism project Ruby Jubilee release their eponymous ten track LP next month.

Ruby Jubilee

Ruby Jubilee

Slightly delayed from a release date originally scheduled for July the album, given the three tracks I have heard, will take the listener on a journey of free-flowing interaction in which the sounds and mind are unconstrained by rigidity.

With a plethora of music creating instruments, plus vocal – too many to list individually though including: Strummed strings; Bowed strings; keys; electronics; reed-woodwind; brass; Along with percussion – the latest reveal – and last before the full release – We 3 Dolphins provides some sense of what to expect as the distinctive elements thread their own furrow, yet all make for a collective cohesion due entirely to their disparities.

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