Rosser – Rabbit’s Foot – Audio

The US electro-rock quintet Rosser have a couple of singles coming up for release before the end of the month.

Rosser - Rabbit's Foot


On the 14th Clear Sky will be released – a shimmering echoing guitar fronts the song giving the piece something of a mirage effect that glistens from afar.

My selection from the two – Rabbit’s Foot, which comes out tomorrow, is a compacted energetic number, that minds of the clipped delivery of Talking Heads.

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Rosser – Tiny Hot Spot – Single Review

Rosser is a relatively new US electro-rock quintet.



The first track to surface Tiny Hot Spot is a vintage-rock feast that strides through the room in a cloak of bluesy riffs, off-beat percussion and lancing bass all adorned by a glitterball of synth with a vocal straddling the reference point, while extending a hand to the audience to join them on the floor to party away the night.

I look forward to hearing more from an outfit who have, in Tiny Hot Spot, demonstrated the ability to generate good time rock’n’roll that has the gumption to leave oily footprints in its wake that linger longer in the mind.

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