Band Of The Month – August 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Making the selection for The Editors’ Choice for Band of the Month always gives an opportunity to stop and dig through the music featured once again and it always proves to be the case that there has been some sublime songs released in the past month – August 2018 proving to be no exception.

Rodes Rollins - Photo by Emily Chang

Rodes Rollins – Photo by Emily Chang

From the USA the alt-rock musician Rodes Rollins is this months selection.

Nasty Woman is available directly from the Rodes Rollins website.

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Rodes Rollins – Boom Pow – Single Review

The US alt-rocker Rodes Rollins released the single Boom Pow yesterday.

Rodes Rollins

Rodes Rollins

A highly capable musician with a back catalogue that is more than worth spending time getting to know as Rodes Rollins delivers a blend of southern-blues and rock encased in a smouldering voice that reaches through the speakers and wraps gently around the listener.

Boom Pow has a primordial flow that is best enjoyed circling around a late night bonfire as the flickering percussion seeps far in to the bone-marrow. Whilst musically steeped in home country influences the track has an intoxicating quality which is able to far transcend any geo-political boundaries and wrest stomping feet from audiences across the globe.


Boom Pow – Single – Rodes Rollins is available on iTunes.*

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