The Judex – Kill White Lights – Single Review

The Judex is a rock’n’roll band from the USA.

The Judex

The Judex

Firstly, apologies to everyone that I am late to this, just for a change, as it has been hanging around in my email system since earlier this week.

Kill White Lights (available on bandcamp) is one of those tracks you need to be in a position to cause as much chaos as possible within your own environs, unless of course you are watching them play live, when they will be able to offer a helping hand.  Teeter the speakers to tipping point at the edge of which ever surface you have them resting, don’t move the surrounding furniture, do turn up the speakers to full volume – pop on a pair of red brothel creepers – then hit play. The ensuing debris of broken bits crashing around you will attest that you are getting best of a stormer of a song.

Beneath the pulverising rock’n’roll The Judex are equally adept at putting across their scathing regard for a world in which folks living in plastic tubes fixate on the irrelevant whilst blithely ignoring the dying on their own front doorstep.

Rip-roaring rock’n’roll and social awareness – what more does one need?

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The Howlin’ Souls – Viva La Revolucion (again) – Single Review

The US rock’n’roll quartet released the single Viva La Revolucion (again) on the 13th.

The Howlin' Souls

The Howlin’ Souls

A song title often used by musicians and yet, other than the original Mexican Revolutionary song title in common, often not a cover rather a fresh take on current world politics and this is the case with The Howlin’ Souls and the track Viva La Revolucion (again) which is available on bandcamp.

More normally their music has a focus on extensive blues guitar – in the single emphasis is placed on the thumping drum kit which piles its way in to the ears with vocal subtly flowing in and out of limelight and while the riffs of the six stringer is, as expected, present it plays a more supporting role than usually the case.


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The Jacks – She’s A Mystery – Audio

The Jacks is a rock’n’roll quartet from the USA.

The Jacks - photo credit - @mikeborchard

The Jacks – photo credit – @mikeborchard

Steeped deep in the roots-blues origination of the style The Jacks deliver music that finds the audience jiving without even been aware they are moving.

The natural twists and turns of the music attest to a genre that ever remains timeless and current. To their credit The Jacks ably carry on the torch of rock’n’roll, which always burns brightly, whilst adding their own flavourings with their latest track – from their début EP which is set for release towards the end of this month –  She’s A Mystery.


She’s a Mystery – Single – The Jacks is available on iTunes.*

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Fick As Fieves – English Weather – Single Review

The English rock’n’roll trio Fick As Fieves are set to release the single English Weather on the 22nd.

Fick As Fieves - English Weather

Fick As Fieves

You know that moment when you reach in to your wardrobe and catch site of your favourite piece of clothing and think – I don’t care what I am meant to be doing today – I am wearing this come what may?

The unpretentious sounds of Fick As Fieves always brings a delighted smile and English Weather is no exception. I feel like a joyful chipmunk discovering a hidden stash of nutrition – as I am allowed to share this with you prior to Friday.

Snaffle up the volume and clear some dance-floor – oh and a lasso-rope to swirl above the head would be handy too as, like a cowfolk riding a bucking bronco dressed in leather chaps, there is no dance-move that is too excessive as the bluesy guitar bleeds through the ears with the listener delightedly aiming to keep balance with their own frantic body sway.

If you are not whooping with delight, breathless and sweating profusely at the end of English Weather – you are either not listening through a full speaker system or are reading the wrong music review site.

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Shambolics – Chasing A Disaster – Single Review

The Scottish rock’n’roll quartet, Shambolics, released the single Chasing A Disaster on the 5th.

Shambolics - Chasing A Disaster


Transporting the listener from the Eastern coast of Scotland to the South Western coast of the USA in Chasing A Disaster; Shambolics take the listener to a Californian retro-surf ride.

A bleeding guitar slips out of the speakers to the accompaniment of a ferris-wheel percussion as the pulsing bass rotates through the ears while a laid-back vocal shimmers, akin to a brightly sunlight cloud floating high in the sky, leaving the listener pondering of time on the beach on a warm summers day.

There is nothing to do other than skim out to sea, to catch the coasters.

Chasing a Disaster – Shambolics is available on iTunes.*

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