When Particles Collide – Lay My Body Down For You – Video

The US rock’n’roll duo, When Particles Collide, release the LP Fade To Gold on the 21st of September.

When Particles Collide

When Particles Collide

The first track to surface from the album – Lay My Body Down For You, which was itself released as a stand alone single on the 25th of May, is a storming introduction with its soaring riffs, tight connectivity and absorbing vocals.

The only surprise is that they find time to get to ever get to a studio – for the next few months they are continually on the road – predominately in the USA with two brief cross border trips interjecting which consist of one show in England and four in Canada towards the tail end of August.

JUN 01 Auk’s Roost Friday, 9:00PM Minneapolis, MN
JUN 02 Blush Saturday, 9:00PM Duluth, MN
JUN 07 Mousetrap Thursday, 10:00PM Eau Claire, WI
JUN 08 Sabbatic Friday, 9:00PM Milwaukee, WI
JUN 09 Polack Inn Saturday, 10:00PM Wausau, WI
JUN 13 Private House Concert Wednesday, 7:00PM Cincinnati, OH
JUN 14 Springwater Thursday, 9:00PM Nashville, TN
JUN 16 Private Wedding Saturday, 7:00PM Richmond, VA
JUN 22 Two Goats Friday, 8:00PM Ithaca, NY
JUN 23 Milford Fest Saturday, 7:00PM Milford, PA
JUN 24 Indian Ladder Sunday, 2:00PM Altamont, NY
JUN 30 Slab Saturday, 8:00PM Portland, ME

JUL 01 Three Tides Sunday, 5:00PM Belfast, ME
JUL 06 Fury’s Friday, 9:00PM Dover, NH
JUL 07 Woodman’s Saturday, 7:00PM Orono, ME
JUL 11 Opus Wednesday, 7:00PM Salem, MA
JUL 12 Spark Contemporary Art Space Thursday, 7:00PM Syracuse, NY
JUL 13 Empty Glass Friday, 7:00PM Charleston, WV
JUL 14 Private Wedding Saturday, 7:00PM Park Hills, KY
JUL 18 Gene’s Beer Garden Wednesday, 7:00PM Morgantown, WV
JUL 19 Slash Run Thursday, 7:00PM Washington, DC
JUL 20 Private House Show Friday, 7:00PM Goochland, VA
JUL 21 The Southern Cafe Saturday, 7:00PM Charlottesville, VA
JUL 22 Town Pump Tavern Sunday, 7:00PM Black Mountain, NC
JUL 23 Preservation Pub Monday, 7:00PM Knoxville, TN
JUL 24 Flicker Tuesday, 7:00PM Athens, GA
JUL 25 Soul Bar Wednesday, 7:00PM Augusta, GA
JUL 26 Petra’s Thursday, 7:00PM Charlotte, NC
JUL 27 Freeman’s Pub Friday, 7:00PM Gastonia, NC
JUL 28 Private House Show Saturday, 7:00PM Waynesburg, KY
JUL 31 Southgate House Revival Tuesday, 7:00PM Newport, KY

AUG 02 Private House Show Thursday, 7:00PM Flint, MI
AUG 04 Kuzzins Saturday, 7:00PM Grand Rapids, MI
AUG 05 Brewfontaine Sunday, 6:00PM Bellefontaine, OH
AUG 07 Sub Shop Tuesday, 7:00PM Centerville, OH
AUG 10 Howlers Friday, 7:00PM Pittsburgh, PA
AUG 11 Pabstsolutely Saturday, 7:00PM Youngstown, OH
AUG 15 Nietzches Wednesday, 7:00PM Buffalo, NY
AUG 16 Scotty’s Martini Lounge Thursday, 7:00PM Erie, PA
AUG 17 The Richmond Friday, 7:00PM London, United Kingdom
AUG 18 Horseshoe Tavern Saturday, 7:00PM Toronto, Canada
AUG 22 The Atria Wednesday, 7:00PM Oshawa, Canada
AUG 23 Live on Elgin Thursday, 7:00PM Ottawa, Canada
AUG 25 La Vitrola Saturday, 7:00PM Montréal, Canada
AUG 30 The Monkey House Thursday, 7:00PM Winooski, VT
AUG 31 The Plough and Stars Friday, 7:00PM Cambridge, MA

Their relentless and broad geographic live performance schedule leads me to opine that no matter where you are in the world – at some point they will inevitably be appearing to perform on stage within your own  striking distance.


Lay My Body Down for You – Single – When Particles Collide is available on iTunes.*

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Blissed – Give Me A Reason – Single Review

The English rock’n’roll quartet Blissed released the single Give Me A Reason on the 5th.



Should thoughts about music be based purely on thirty or so seconds of introductory scratchy guitar string work that simultaneously has you shouting ‘shut up’ at the bass, vocals and drums as they join in one by one after a mere five seconds on its own? Probably not – however those of longer stay will understand precisely why I was enamoured from the off with Give Me A Reason.

Afear not, I am not suggesting you turn the track off after five seconds as it just gets better through the margin under two and eleven twelfths minutes of its duration as Blissed deliver their punchy take on rock’n’roll with its referencing heading back to the ’50s conjoined with ’10s currency and it comes as no surprise they are beginning to secure traction in their local live circuit. This, their third release, to me also their strongest, will, if justice be served afford them a far wider reach.

I look forward to hearing more from Blissed in short order and if you happen to be in Leeds today they are playing at the Verve Bar and on the 18th heading to Scotland to play in Glasgow at the Buff Club I recommend changing any plans you may have previously made.

social media page

Give Me a Reason – Single – BLISSED is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Crocodylus – My Love – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll trio Crocodylus released the single My Love on the 28th of March.

Crocodylus - photo by Ashley Naylor

Crocodylus – photo by Ashley Naylor

A stonkingly good track that is able to reach out of the speakers and launch the listener on to the dance-floor before the first bar has run its course. My Love (available on bandcamp) is a song that lifts the gloom of the travails of life and offers the audience an escape in to a better place and attests to a trio who have much to add to the weave of the world.

The music consists of well-balanced fuzzy smears circling around a superb percussion while filling the room with a retro-garage soundtrack which is highlighted by the unfussy delivery that has an infectious warmth and marks out a band I look forward to hearing much more of over the years.


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Band Of The Month – November 2017 – Editors’ Choice

Thanks and acknowledgement to all musicians around the globe who put their thoughts to sound as you do make the world a better place by your very existence…

The Judex - Band Of The Month - November 2017

The Judex

…Heading towards thoughts of the band of the month for November 2017 as selected by the Editor – the focus turns to the USA and the dial spins to rock’n’roll – to discover the selection is The Judex.

From the AA side single – Cult of Judex​/​Witchface – which is available on bandcampWitchface.

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Rival Island – Where She Was – Video

The US rock’n’roll outfit Rival Island return with yet another different soundscape in Where She Was.

Rival Island - Where She Was

Rival Island

Each time Rival Island feature they introduce a slightly different retro reference point to their material and the newest song to surface – Where She Was – is no exception with its infusion from ’50s rock’n’roll.

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