Juiceboxxx – Ripping Up My Soul – Audio

The US rock’n’roll outfit Juiceboxxx released the EP Never Surrender Forever today.

Juiceboxxx - photo credit - Hanssen Orgas

Juiceboxxx – photo credit – Hanssen Orgas

The first of the five tracks, Ripping Up My Soul, which immediately draws to mind of Lena Lovich, is the curtain raiser to an EP that demands being played with plenty of space around and volume stretched to its limits.


Never Surrender Forever – EP – Juiceboxxx is available on iTunes.*

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Space Carbonara – Floating Dagger – Single Review

Space Carbonara, the rock’n’roll band from Australia, released the single Floating Dagger today.

Space Carbonara - photo by Alex Dowd

Space Carbonara – photo by Alex Dowd

A track of very different countenance to their introduction earlier in the year, Floating Dagger (available on bandcamp), bounds across the room on toe stomping blue brothel creepers as it hauls the audience on to the dance floor to jive away to the merseybeat / gothic influences of the song as the burgeoning waistline of the bass bends the sub-woofer to the beat of the busy flourishes of percussion while guitars finger across fretboard and the sparse vocal chants hypnotically.

I was enamoured previously and Floating Dagger reaffirms and strengthen my troth.

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Caleb Kopta – Anything – Single Review

The US rock’n’roller Caleb Kopta released the single Anything on the 24th.

Caleb Kopta

Caleb Kopta

A journey through the back-catalogue of material by Caleb Kopta finds a musician with boots well and truly planted in classic US rock from the ’60s and ’70s with Anything stepping from the period too.

That doesn’t by any-means reflect this is all just a rehash of what has come before, rather there is a currency of output and freshness of sound that holds the attention of an audience across many eras.

Anything, to me, is however the strongest track in the catalogue with a greater sense of self-confidence, free-expression and enjoyment being palpable through the speakers.


Anything – Caleb Kopta is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Crocodylus – My Baby – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’rollers Corcodylus released their latest single – My Baby – today.

Crocodylus - photo by @jamiesonfilm

Crocodylus – photo by @jamiesonfilm

My Baby (available on bandcamp) finds the trio in very different mood to music previously featured with the fractured architecture of single string guitar giving the song a slowmo doo-wop reference point.

The composition and delivery of the song attests to a trio who know how to have fun as they create their music as whilst of sad counterpane there is a freedom of movement and expression which is the mark of an outfit who know what they are doing without manufacturing the process to a template.

If you are not soon also singing along with at least the chorus – in particular the word ‘Baby’ with exaggerated pursed lips and elasticated voice as you do – there is a high probability you are reading the wrong music review site.

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Rosa Maria – Howlin’ – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll quintet Rosa Maria released the single Howlin’ today.

Rosa Maria - photo by @fabsvejkar

Rosa Maria – photo by @fabsvejkar

First releasing music just over a year ago, the quintet have balanced between releasing new songs whilst building a live performance presence and have proven adept at both, with a feed of new songs for those of us not near enough to get to see them live while continually expanding their live performance radius to ensure more of us will become within range.

A breadth of different styles can be heard in their music, on occasion trippy, other times surfy garage though always with a slightly retrospective air and always with a twinkling footstep that invites the audience on to the dance floor.

Howlin’ (available on bandcamp) takes the listener back to ’50s rock’n’roll…

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