Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Ooh! My Soul – Audio

From Brooklyn (USA) the rockabilly duo Screamin’ Rebel Angels comprised of Laura Palmer (Double Bass /  Rhythm Guitar / Violin / Keys / Vocals) and Brian Hack (Lead Guitar) plus guest musicians release the LP Heel Grinder on the 24th of January 2019. 

Screamin' Rebel Angels - Photo by Eddies Gig Pics
Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Photo by Eddies Gig Pics

If you happen to be in New York on the 25th of January the album (available on bandcamp)  is being live launched at the Mercury Lounge with a West Coast tour in February.

If, like me, you are in a different Continent altogether I merely advise spend the next month raising fitness prior to grabbing hold of Heel Grinder as, like the opening song – Ooh! My Soul – there is no time to draw breath until the middle track – Something On Your Mind – a dozen minutes later that there is slow down in tempo only for the final six songs, though marginally less frenetic, pick up the pace once again.

How could I not recommend spending the time in the company of a double bass, smoky vocal and shin bruising rock’n’roll? 


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Sleep Eaters – Ghost On Fire – Single Review

The English rockabilly quartet Sleep Eaters released their début single yesterday.

Sleep Eaters

Sleep Eaters

Bopping around the room makes for a better day and Sleep Eater, a relatively new entity that comprises of experienced musicians, in Ghost On Fire is able to stretch out a beat that invites the audience so to do in their company.

You know that day in which your partner invites you to spend wrapped in passion and they promptly get themselves so worked up to the moment it is all over before it has even begun? Thus with Ghost On Fire – the misery being that it is all over in one hundred and thirty seven seconds – I look forward to them regaining their strength in short order.

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Ghost on Fire – Sleep Eaters is available on iTunes.*

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Whiskey Wolves Of The West – Song Ain’t Gonna Write Itself – Audio

The US rockabilly outfit Whiskey Wolves Of The West are set to release the LP Country Roots imminently.

Whiskey Wolves Of The West

Whiskey Wolves Of The West

As suggested on the tin by the band name, this is music best heard with a bottle of whisky to hand and a free spirited mind to fully enjoy.

It is with some pleasure I am able to share one of the songs on the album which if it doesn’t have you jiving within seconds, identifies you are probably reading the wrong music review site – Song Ain’t Gonna Write Itself.


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Prima Donna – 4 Real – Video

The US rockabilly quartet Prima Donna release their eponymous LP on the 30th of March.

Prima Donna - photo credit - Dawn Laureen

Prima Donna – photo credit – Dawn Laureen

On hitting play in 4 Real, the first of the eleven tracks on the album, the audience is reminded that despite all the chaos in the world there are still some bright spots too.

Serving as an antidote to the daily grind – dig out those winklepickers and join in with party moment that is 4 Real.


S/T – Prima Donna is available on iTunes.*

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Bandintexas – Teatime – Audio

The Australian rockers Bandintexas are working towards the release of the ten track LP Pocket Full of Stone.

Bandintexas - Tea Time - artwork

Bandintexas – Tea Time – artwork

With a different sound to their regular fare Bandintexas demonstrate that there are often moments in life when music doesn’t need to provide deep cerebral thought process…

…Without a brightly coloured pair of brothel creepers on your feet before hitting play, you will only regret it part way through, as the rockabilly ring of Tea Time (available as stand alone single on bandcamp) steps through the room to an infectious double time, tautly tied, drum-skin that launches the listener on to the dance-floor.

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