Smokin’ On Planes – Parallel Lives – Audio

Smokin’ On Planes is the rock trio of Nick Galasso (Vocal / Guitar), Miguel Teixeira (Bass) and Omri Malal (Drums) based in Washington D.C. (USA).

Smokin' On Planes

Smokin’ On Planes

Their music has a completely absorbing flow, which akin to molten lava sliding down the slopes of a volcano has a variable viscosity, which gives the compositions their engaging textured dynamics. Formed earlier this year, there are only three tracks I have been able to hear, each of which has a retrospective air and a similarity of demeanour.

Parallel Lives is their signature combination of powerful bass and drum which are melded with a hazy ebbing and flow of the guitar which all in tandem with the Knopfleresque vocal delivery draws a reference to Dire Straits, though not as an imitation, merely an influencer and a trio I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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The Struts – Bulletproof Baby – Audio

The English rock quartet The Struts will be releasing the LP Young & Dangerous on the 19th of October.

The Struts - Bulletproof Baby

The Struts

First introduced in 2012, while they have gone on to establish themselves as a well supported outfit, although there have been periods when they appear have forgotten who they are, seemingly  confusing life with hype – Bulletproof Baby – the fourth of the bakers dozen tracks on the album – finds their feet once again firmly planted on the ground.

YOUNG&DANGEROUS – The Struts is available on iTunes.*

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The Black Roses – El Diablo – Single Review

The rock quartet of Anthony Stevenson (Vocals / Guitar), Richard Jones (Lead guitar), Mike Goodfellow (Drums) and Val Péan (Bass) from London (England) who form The Black Roses released the single El Diablo on the 14th.

The Black Roses

The Black Roses

Having had a wander through their back catalogue I nearly didn’t make it back as, akin to the title of their EP from last year, I found myself in a state of Utopia and who desires to leave utopia in a hurry?

El Diablo further attests to a quartet who know one end of a song from another as the dark oppressive presence bleeds in to the room with bass pulsing through the subwoofer and the guitars scratching at the walls while drum paces like a menacing guard corralling prisoners, tipped by a half-spoken vocal which combine to create a track of bewitching malediction.


El Diablo – The Black Roses is available on iTunes.*

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The J.O.B. – Lisa’s Song – Audio

The US rock quartet The J.O.B. will be releasing the LP Highway Of Shadows on the 9th of November.

The J.O.B. - Lisa's Song

The J.O.B.

A band who first featured back in 2012, have always revealed music with the wistful air of strongly affected haunting memories and a tangible sadness to them delivered through washes of hazy textured guitar- the latest reveal is of similar demeanour.

The first song to surface from the new album (also the opener of the ten tracks on Highway Of Shadows), a luxurious and gentle ballad – Lisa’s Song – finds The J.O.B. exploring the theme of those who spend long periods away from their roots, whilst pining for distant and neglected relationships sadly accepting of the potential for the loss, signals of another fine release on its way by a band who are able to wrest emotional context out of dry stone, but never music of wallowing self-pity, rather a calm acceptance that life is not a bowl of cherries.

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Mercy Music – Mr. Universe – Video

In what is becoming a biennial tradition – time for an update on the US rock band Mercy Music.

Mercy Music - Mr. Universe

Mercy Music

Their latest LP – Until The End Of Your World (available on bandcamp) – finds the trio as energised as ever and like a compressed spring waiting to be released – on hitting play the music launches through the speakers with a boundless enthusiasm.

Mr. Universe is the last of the eleven tracks on the album.

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