The Haze

From Witney in England surface the quartet of Josh Rawle (Bass / Vocals), Alex Rawle (Guitar / Vocals), John Morrison (Guitar) and Jamie Langford (Drums) who form the rock band The Haze.

The Haze - rock from England

The Haze

A year or so out of the blocks The Haze mind me of a fellow pupil at boarding school, who spent all his time locked in his dorm listening to the likes of Black Sabbath and other strange sounds I didn’t get at the time. I like my music in simple three chord structures lasting all of two and a half to three minutes, as you know, but time and tide opens new appreciation of music styles, hence the reason for the Emerging Indie Bands (formerly Indie Bands Blog) websites, to also ask you to listen to bands that wouldn’t normally be near your selection box, who nonetheless add much to the world of music, deserving of your time and this quartet tick all of those boxes.

The Haze have all the necessary skills in the kit-bag to muscle a significant space into the crowded genre that is ‘rock’. Guitars are given centre stage to explore the perimeters of the room, without ever going off tangent and the well judged scouring of the edges, give the music a sense that you can smell the faded leather on the jackets. Percussion provides the firm spine to the sounds, whilst the bass delightfully bulks it like a body-builder who has had a few too many steroids and the gravely vocal gives the band the finishing touches that affords the material to potentially engage with audiences globally.

The Haze is a band that needs to create a pin badge as soon as possible and it will be gladly attached to lapels helping to raise their profile further, I look forward to following their development over the coming years. Already set to launch their second EP – Fight To Play – this is a quartet who not only have the song-writing and delivery skills to travel far in the industry, but as importantly a nose to the grind-stone too, allowing those who can’t get to see them live the opportunity to hear the music.

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SIREN is a rock band from Pesaro in Italy comprising – Samuel Frondero (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Jack Nardini (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Marcus Kawaka (Bass / Vocals / Synth) and Mark McKenzie (Drums).

SIREN - rock from Italy


With chorus lines you can shout out in chant even on first hearing SIREN have grasped the essential demands of rock fans. Bellowing bass is joined by boisterous percussion to lay down the rapid progressions of the sound, whilst the two guitars wail around the room in joyful exuberance, to which the vocal scours a line of acidity and to finish the compositions the underplayed synth is able to invest swathes of parallel layers.

Formed just over a couple of years ago, SIREN have honed both their stage craft and song-writing skills to enable them to deliver melody and precision with an easy flow of material, that draws the ears ever more closely. This is music that flows around the world and I look forward to them finding the wider space they richly deserve in the crowded genre of rock, as the quartet have been able to carve out a discernible area of their own.


The Row – Siren is available on iTunes.*

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Adrian, a rock band from Austin in the USA is centred around Adrian Conner (Guitar / Vocals).

Adrian - rock from the USA


Formerly known as Adrian And The Sickness, but recently abbreviated to Adrian the essential sounds remain as ever. A rock rooted vocal extravaganza. There is a considerable amount to be gleaned from the out-put, which has vocal delivery from the fresh rose bud to grungy leather clad, supported by sympathetic instrumental.

The pile-driving tracks shatter through the room with raking precision before furrowing into the brain, whilst the vocal peers from above like a golden eagle, spotting prey. Whilst structured the music is far from formulaic with metal references been drawn from as far and wide as Australia, the UK and the USA all funnelled into a sound which rests on the vocal, which, without fail, exceeds its requirement.

A new LP – the ten track Be Your Own Saviour is set for release on the 30th January, which is a fascinating journey though acoustic rock, no vocal interludes and focussed heavy metal.

The only sadness with the release is the band name change mid-way through the process of the release, with it coming out under the banner of Adrian, though the press material and LP cover is all under the old band name Adrian And The Sickeness. That is just a bad marketing decision and doesn’t deflect from the satisfaction of the album but will hit ongoing sales. Musically that is undeserved, though inevitable as it is a promotion disaster. I have commented on many occasions previously that bands should never do this and undoubtedly I will be commenting frequently in the future on this self same issue.


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The Wyld

The Wyld a raprock trio based in Mount Eden in New Zealand is Joe Pascoe (Guitar / producer), Mo Kheir (vocals) and Brandon Black (vocals / production).

The Wyld - raprock from New Zealand

The Wyld

I am wreathed in smiles as I find another cohesive rap / hip hop undercurrent which has found space to grow and the grin gets even wider when I find it emerges from New Zealand. The trio filter the dross to, deliver music which flows with invective and musical competence to leave a clear fluidity of sounds that buffer the head from side to side in a valedictory salute.

I oft bemoan the world of want to be ‘ghetto’ music with its perpetual racism and misogyny positing there is a legitimate ground on which to play and whilst I was able to find in My Peoples a cousin relationship , I find a direct progeny with The Wyld, so it is with some excitement that I take this opportunity to introduce a band who have a handle on the realities of the 21st Century and choose to neither  portray themselves as victims or protagonists and for that very fact are the more powerful and relevant.

The grained guitar enables the material to gather relevance and barbed wire wrist cuffs whilst the electro structures are Meccano kits of spanners and bolts, holding it all in to shape as the vocals deliver viper flicks.

A new EP – Abstract – is set for imminent release and my advice is – get there as soon as possible  – for the best of hip hop – The USA has been superseded by New Zealand.


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