Towers Of London – Send In The Roses – Video

The English rock quintet Towers Of London are set to release the LP Super Sounds Of K-Town imminently.

Towers Of London

Towers Of London

I realise many of those who read the site sporadically will have the sense I am merely a cynical anti-establishment representative, given the protestation of many of the songs featured. Those of longer study will also know I do enjoy life too – so why not proffer red roses around London (England) to shoot a video set to a stonking rock anthemic?

Send In The Roses – I highly recommend – though only if the volume is ‘very loud’ – I’m not that cuddly.

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CITRA – Felt So Right – Audio

The US rock quartet CITRA released the EP Mr. Copacetic on the 6th.

CITRA - Felt So Right


Taking some of the furious heat out of the music of theirs previously featured, in the five track EP, that is available on bandcamp, CITRA are able to explore a more intricate narrative, which while still very much derived from the hall of rock ‘n’ roll, they deliver music that is a multilayered blend of melody and bracing bass / percussion.

The second song on the Mr. Copacetic is Felt So Right.

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Tax The Heat – Change Your Position – Video

The English rock quartet Tax The Heat release the LP Change Your Position on the 9th of March.

Tax The Heat

Tax The Heat

A band with a growing and strong fan-base, as their punchy rock’n’roll extends to converts new through word of mouth via their regular live performances, the release of this, their second, album can only help to spread their name more rapidly to a cross national audience.

Whilst not intended to take a political perspective, by dint of being sentient humans delivering music which is drawn from the realities of their own lives which inspires their creativity, the message isn’t overt though the clear underpinning of the roots of rock – live and let live though never be cowed – is clear.

The title track – Change Your Position – and second of the dozen on the LP being the most recent to surface.


Change Your Position – Tax The Heat is available on iTunes.*

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Megalithic – Swiss Army Knife – Audio

Megalithic is a rock duo from England.



Able to swamp the room in flighty temper and subtle undertows, akin to a riptide, swashing the audience aside and asunder. Megalithic deliver music which holds the audience steadfast in absorbed attention whilst eagerly seeking buoy on which to anchor and stabilise themselves from the buffeting ride – ‘only two players?’ one queries as the diverse layers of snarling sounds tumble through the stereocilia as internal balance desperately attempts to discover equilibrium.

By now, if you are a regular reader, are probably already be thinking that my suggestion is to turn the volumes to full blast and topple over with the speakers – and you would be quite correct.

By way of an introduction – Swiss Army Knife  – the sixth of the nine tracks on the LP The Unnamed – which is available on bandcamp.

website (be aware you will have got through most of the song prior to this site resolving – it will finally happen – just be patient)

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Thundermother – Fire in the Rain – Audio

The Swedish rock band Thundermother will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 23rd.

Thundermother - Fire in the Rain


The latest track to surface, Fire In The Rain (released on bandcamp as a stand alone single on the 2nd) is the fifth of the dozen on the album (which is available via Despotz Records).

Unlike previous material of theirs featured dating back to 2015Fire In The Rain is a more thematic rock-ballad and a different territory in which Thundermother equally capably demonstrate they are able excel with similar distinction as their more usual heavy-metal sound.

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