Sheer Mag – Meet Me In The Street – Audio

As signposted back in May the US rock ‘n ‘roll quintet Sheer Mag released the LP Need to Feel Your Love on the 14th.

Sheer Mag - Meet Me In The Street

Sheer Mag

A good place to start with the fourteen track album (available on bandcamp) is the opener – Meet Me In The Street – with its driving heavy-metal soundtrack prefacing of an almost three quarters of an hour of engrossing compositions.

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The Skullers – Can We Do That Again – Single Review

The Skullers is a US rock ‘n’ roll trio.

The Skullers

The Skullers

Their first recorded track Can We Do That Again was released earlier in the month and is available on bandcamp.

A blend of blues, dance and solid rock enables The Skullers, in Can We Do That Again, to deliver a track that has both a beguiling raggedy edged gruffness to it and a thundering beat that has the listener refreshing themselves on how to skiffle whilst searching for a pair of blue brothel creepers.

Word arrives of an EP arriving sometime in September and will be a release, judging by this, that will warm up the autumn days for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Stand up, clear some space and only then hit play…


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Jointpop – Quicksand – Video

Jointpop, the rock ‘n’ roll band from Trinidad and Tobago, feature fairly regularly.

Jointpop - Quicksand


Although recorded quite a while ago, it was only very recently that a live performance of Quicksand came to light and always a pleasure it is too to return to their music.

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Shambolics – Love Collides – Single Review

The Scottish rock ‘n’ roll band Shambolics are due to release the single Love Collides next month.

Shambolics - Love Collides


The clarity of delivery gives Shambolics a snappy beat that the moment the sounds flow in to the room the listener finds themselves joining in with the joy of it all.

First looked at back in August of least year; in Love Collides, Shambolics, deliver similar zestiness that covers the listener in a refreshing tangy sharpness though have, in the three minutes and fifty seconds of the song, marginally softened the sound giving the piece a more rounded moulding within which they find themselves space to add a subtlety from which they are able to deliver a track layered in textures.

I was enthusiastic when they were first featured I am even more enamoured now and do suggest keeping an ear out for Shambolics: A band, if there is any justice in the music industry, you will hear much more of them in the near future.

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Mon Freres Amigos – Whistle Stop – Audio

The US rock’n’roll quartet, Mon Freres Amigos, released the three track single Whistle Stop on the 19th.

Mon Freres Amigos

Mon Freres Amigos

There is a gritty earthiness to the roughly ten minutes release that takes the mind to a run-down outback bar with split floorboards, broken stools and a floor strewn with sawdust to blunt the splinters, yet the audience would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable spot in which spend time.

The opener and title track of the single (available on bandcamp) has boots immediately tapping along with the classic sounds of rock ‘n’ roll.

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