Matt Carson (Guitar), Clinton Bell (Vocals), Chris Dickinson (Guitar / Vocals), Brendan Coyle (Bass) and Owen Bradley (Drums) from Auckland in New Zealand is the rock band Tablefox.

Tablefox - Rock from New Zealand


Like skilled archers on battlefield flexing bows and shooting arrows Tablefox deliver music that plies its way into the heart in a volley that has the audience in paroxysms of ecstasy. The two guitars enable the quintet to deliver an intensity of fixation akin to satiating any long standing chocolate addict with the melting rush of body temperature melt.

The aural choreography minds of a Petipa ballet choreography as Tablefox syncopate rhythm and melody with bass, percussion and guitars floating effortlessly between each other with the vocal not seeking to become the spotlight, rather a fleeting shadow which the ears follow around the evolving landscape.

Tablefox is undoubtedly comprised of able musicians, what is of more import is that they have remained true to their direction of travel, which in the crowded market-place of melodious rock is an over-populated space, but to me they are well above shoulder high and it is only a sadness their undoubted abilities are not yet far more widely recognised. With fortune their début LP Objects, set for release on the 20th will allow them far wider space to be discovered.

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From Linz in Austria – Tom (Guitar / Vocal), Kevin (Bass) and Michi (Drums) got together to form the rock band Phobos.

Phobos - Foto Christian L. © 2014

Phobos – Foto Christian L. © 2014

Like an ill-tempered Rottweiler, Phobos send growls of sound around the room in a continual snarl. Rumbunctious bass lines gouge through the walls, whilst guitar holds a melodic grumpiness that tethers the trio together as the vocal swelters in its own gravely discourse. To me the highlight is the drum kit that lays to waste all before it in superbly delivered story-telling flowing from out-right forment, to flicking snake-tongue, giving the tracks their finesse, which raises the whole out-put of band from – here is another rock band, to here is Phobos and well worth spending time to get to know.

Formed back in 2011, from a concept conceived in 2009, for reasons I have been unable to fathom development has been slow, with the first EP Bad Seed (which is available on bandcamp) not arriving until 2014. One can only hope it doesn’t take until 2017 for a follow-up as they have much to add to the world of music. Currently seeking to raise frequency of live performance, this on its own should raise awareness locally, though the music equally has the potential to travel around the globe.

I look forward to Phobos becoming a fixture, rather than an occasionally occurring filament.

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Arcane Saints

Arcane Saints based in Melbourne, Australia, is the rock band comprising – Michael John (Vocals / Guitar), Michael Gooding (Lead Guitar), Den Murray (Drums) and Rory Wale (Bass).

Arcane Saints - rock from Australia

Arcane Saints

Combing tempestuous percussion and bass lines with melodic rhythm and glittering guitars Arcane Saints lays the platform for the vocal to develop the range of moods from the frustrated to the elated. The powerful anchor of the sound is not established as a spring-board to loudness, rather enabling the developing melodies to swirl around the room.

Arcane Saints have used their time together to develop a sound that has the precarious edges that appeal to the die-hard rock-fan, whilst bringing in a broader spectrum of listeners through the careful compositions, which balance scathing temper with considered discourse without ever leaving either side of the audience to feel short-changed.

Having concentrated on developing an international live audience Arcane Saints found time to return to the studio and released an LP – In The Shade Of The Juniper, on the 21st. The six track album, which runs to just under twenty five minutes finds the quartet with a release that displays the band in fine form, taking the audience from heavily laden anthems to lighter textures, all of which work well in one package.

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In the Shade of the Juniper – EP – Arcane Saints is available on iTunes.*

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Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance from Charleston – West Virginia – in the USA is the rock quartet of Eve Marcum Atkinson (Vocals), Phil Hatfield (Guitar), Phil Crace (Bass) and Randy Brown (Drums).

Under Surveillance - rock from the USA

Under Surveillance

With a few years under their belt Under Surveillance undertook a vocal change this year which has given an added range to the out-put. Lightly touched guitars play in the upper registers as the quartet deliver a fresh zing to a crowded arena. The tautly tied drum skins give the percussion a bouncing timbre that captures the attention as the bass is given sole responsibility for anchoring the tent, but don’t be fooled, this doesn’t sound lopsided as the band utilises this point of difference to give the music an engaging spring to step.

Under Surveillance produce material that minds of a Sidewinder elegantly skimming across the desert sand in fascinating curves of footprint. Their fleet-footed compositions engage the audience for the very fact of the ease of delivery.

It will be of interest to follow their vocal transition which finds Under Surveillance with a new formula.


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Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son

Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son a rock band from East Brunswick in the USA is Bobby Mahoney (Lead guitar / Vocals), Jon Alba (Rhythm Guitar), Dan Cohen (Rhythm Guitar), Joe Larkin (Bass) and James McIntosh (Drums).

Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son - rock from the USA

Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son

Utilising the trio of guitars to disperse melodies rather than volume Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son is able to create music that is generous on the ears without meandering into irrelevant channels as the bass and percussion maintain an urgency which keeps the tracks progressing and a well pitched vocal rounds the out-put.

Reminding of classic rock Bob Mahoney And The Seventh Son have wisely not attempted to re-invent the wheel though have updated the sound adding a lighter touch.

Maintaining a regular live presence and recorded out-put the quintet is worth getting to hear when you are after the lighter side of rock to the accompaniment of a summer tinge.


Friends in Low Places – Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son is available on iTunes.*

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