Lock Up Laura

Kareem Mafouz (Drums), Sam Buckthop (Guitar / Vocals), Liam Giles (Bass), Aaron Hall (Guitar) and Lee McCusker (Lead Vocals) from Lincoln in England combine to form the rock band Lock Up Laura.

Lock Up Laura - rock from England

Lock Up Laura

Where I am sure there was a temptation to play hell-for-leather, Lock Up Laura have held tight reigns to the out-put to the benefit of the audience as the music is given time and space to blossom to its full potential, with measured pieces of  finely structured rock. Whilst the quintet have focused on content rather than volume and pace, that doesn’t mean anything has been lost in the translation, the reverse in fact, as through the more measured delivery the listener is able to appreciate the craftsmanship in the creativity.

Each section of the Lock Up Laura forms an integral part of the whole with nothing seeming superfluous. Formed at the end of 2011, the band have developed a strong following and with their second LP – Masquerade set for recording later this year, one would expect their audience to grow exponentially and it will be interesting to see if they are able to capitalise on the opportunity.

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REIGN from Adelaide in Australia is the rock quintet of Lee Gabriel (Vocals), Andy G (Lead Guitar), JD (Rhythm Guitar), Yiannis (Drums) and Niko (Bass).

REIGN - rock from Australia


A relatively new outfit REIGN have been beavering away in the studio preparing an eight track LP which is set for release imminently. Working within a well travelled and congested road the quintet wisely do not attempt to reinvent the wheel, rather add their own embellishments which they achieve admirably through the interplay between the two guitars.

Turning down the volume and letting the melodies carry the sound enables REIGN to deliver compositions which have a timeless and spacious quality. The quintet function well together, with each player given the space to develop their role without being drowned out, yet bringing it all together in a comprehensive inclusiveness.

I have had the opportunity to hear the release and REIGN have put together a well crafted début which affords them every opportunity to carve out some space for themselves. I wish them all the best muscling into the world of music and figuring out how to develop sufficient uniqueness to stand out from the crowd, whilst maintaining the essence at the heart of the music.

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Antesaint is the rock quartet of Hayley Smith (Vocals / Bass), Sam Sharpe (Rhythm Guitar), Thomas Wilkinson (Lead Guitar) and Joe Hunter (Drums / Vocals) from Barnsley in England.

Antesaint - rock from England


Intricate streams of notes circulate around the room as Antesaint announce their arrival. The forlorn vocal sits as a mourning lament to world that has lost its way as the fragile disambiguation of the sounds fragment in the ears in an emotional commentary.  The quartet is able to portray thoughts on tenuous threads of connectivity which speak volumes of reality.

Finely balancing fractional discourse with a solid backing Antesaint provide delicacy, which enhances the resulting out-put, of what are essentially rock driven compositions. There is a powerful undercurrent of thematic chords and riffs to allow fans of rock to engage, whilst a wispiness of meandering progressions affords the band to explore new horizons that draws in alternate audiences.

This is an interesting line of travel that ploughs new furrows for others to pursue as Antesaint add tenderness and a sense of insecurity locked within confident outpourings of emotionality. Originally formed as a trio the addition of Tom has given the band a renewed impetus.

I give them credit for the manner in which they are able to shed a tear without shame and they deserve support for the intensity of the resulting out-put.

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The Luka State

The Luka State from Winsford in England is the rock trio of Conrad Ellis (Vocals / Guitar), Sam Bell (Bass) and Jess Whitmore (Drums).

The Luka State - Photo by Jono Terry

The Luka State -Photo by Jono Terry

Having formed about a year ago The Luka State have already made a significant impact with appearances internationally as well as a couple of releases behind them and a further single Rain set for availability on the 7th July.

The Luka State have added a dash of folk to rock and roll to produce a sound that has punch in a velvet glove as, whilst the there is a pugilism to the music, they are wrapped inside complexities of melodies and whimsy to the rock derivatives, which captivates the ears. Whilst the compositions are stretching for the players the trio are able to transfer this to an out-put which has a lightness of touch, that allows the audience to enjoy the music, not having to unravel the textures.

Their pure enjoyment and pleasure at being touring and creative musicians is palpable in the music, which, whilst being finely crafted doesn’t come across as aloof. I hope that The Luka State can retain this connection between themselves, their creativity and the audience in the future.


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Suns Of Static

Brandon Taylor (Vocals),  BiL Cassidy (Guitar),  Darrin McMillan (Bass), Jordan Bulhoes (Drums) and John Callahan (Guitar) from Kingston in Canada combine to make up Suns Of Static.

Suns Of Static - Rock from Canada

Suns Of Static

Blistering guitars burst into the room as Suns Of Static punch their way through the walls with pace and precision. A few years under their belt it is something of a surprise they are not far better known as their material is of top quality and they are doing all the right things, but such are the vagaries of the music industry.

The voluminous textures that Suns Of Static create give the listener plenty of spaces to explore as the players bounce off each other and like synchronised swimmers all seems to be in unison then suddenly a flash of inspirational leap raises the bar higher. The band delivers well structured material which whether they are in statement anthems or all out rock mode exudes an underlying thump to the ears.

A new LP came out just a few days ago – 24th May –  the eleven track – Rise – which is a magnificently crafted set of music that takes the brain through a mesmeric journey.


Rise – Suns Of Static is available on iTunes*

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