Arcane Saints

Arcane Saints based in Melbourne, Australia, is the rock band comprising – Michael John (Vocals / Guitar), Michael Gooding (Lead Guitar), Den Murray (Drums) and Rory Wale (Bass).

Arcane Saints - rock from Australia

Arcane Saints

Combing tempestuous percussion and bass lines with melodic rhythm and glittering guitars Arcane Saints lays the platform for the vocal to develop the range of moods from the frustrated to the elated. The powerful anchor of the sound is not established as a spring-board to loudness, rather enabling the developing melodies to swirl around the room.

Arcane Saints have used their time together to develop a sound that has the precarious edges that appeal to the die-hard rock-fan, whilst bringing in a broader spectrum of listeners through the careful compositions, which balance scathing temper with considered discourse without ever leaving either side of the audience to feel short-changed.

Having concentrated on developing an international live audience Arcane Saints found time to return to the studio and released an LP – In The Shade Of The Juniper, on the 21st. The six track album, which runs to just under twenty five minutes finds the quartet with a release that displays the band in fine form, taking the audience from heavily laden anthems to lighter textures, all of which work well in one package.

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In the Shade of the Juniper – EP – Arcane Saints is available on iTunes.*

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Galvarino from Los Angeles in the USA is the rock trio of Grady (Guitar / Vocals), Dusty (Bass) and Jack (Drums).

Galvarino - photo by Chris Knific

Galvarino – photo by Chris Knific

The way to get the best out of Galvarino is to set your speakers as high as they will go – kick them to get an extra boost as the scrummaging sounds of the trio scamper around the room.

Fusing brash percussion and bass with festering guitars Galvarino find the audience quickly caught up in movement as rock-a-billy meets heavy duty 1980’s British Rock fused with Americana, yet it doesn’t sound like a retrospective step backwards, rather a refreshing tumult of well worn leather jacket and newly minted frolics. The trio is able to invest into the audience a sense of togetherness in a whirl-wind of rock-n-roll.

The band has languished behind their ability since inception a couple of years ago as they have concentrated on local live performance, sadly neglecting the wider audience, which has perhaps held them back. Of positive news I am led to understand that plans are afoot for an LP later this year which may give those of us not in Los Angeles an opportunity to hear more.

Once I have additions to report – be assured I will let you know as I do enjoy Galvarino and am sure you will too.

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Trevor Martell (Guitar / Vocals / Keys), Wyatt Phillipi (Bass / Vocals / Keys) and Jason Allenby (Drums / Xylo / Vocals) from Portland, Oregon, in the USA combine to form the rock band Patrimony.

Patrimony - photo by Jb Nelson

Patrimony – photo by Jb Nelson

Prowling out of the speakers come powerful deeply resonating guitars as Patrimony cast a scathing pall across the room. Taking a travel through their catalogue of material finds the audience transported across influences of British Rock, eight bar blues, psychedelia and heavy metal, which they wrap up inside a common thread of urgency that keeps the ears and feet active.

The trio play well together affording each element the opportunity to shine without becoming over-powering and it is their cohesiveness that gives Patrimony an instant recognizability. Whilst taking influence from expansive genres the music is compacted into clear themes, be they tracks running at less than three minutes to over seven, the brain doesn’t feel as though they are wallowing in largesse as the ever present sneer gives the material an impressive rawness that can’t but retain attention.

With a regular live performance schedule and plenty of recorded material along with more than capable musicianship and creativity Patrimony should and deserve to be more widely known, but such are the vagaries of the music business.


You’re Telling Me Lies – Single – Patrimony is available on iTunes.*

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SheWolF from Melbourne in Australia is the rock quartet of Cassandra Vlahos (Guitar / Vocals), Ellen Russo (Bass / Vocals), Serena Vlahos (Vocals) and Nikki Vlahos (Drums / Vocals).

SheWolF - Rock from Australia


Strong combinations of guitars and percussion stream across the room as SheWolF deliver their sounds of fuzz and melody wrapped inside powerful pace-setting drums. Over it a comes a vocal which softens the sound allowing the listener to engage with the compositions, whilst still burying their head inside the speakers.

Some smart switches in balance between bass and percussion allows the quartet to change emphasis mid-way through tracks keeping the audience riveted to the compositions. Whilst SheWolF is able to scruff the ground giving the out-put the necessary dirt, it is their ability to layer this with textures and melodies, that gives the out-put considerable interest.

A couple of years behind them SheWolF are beginning to make their mark in the live scene with a continuing schedule of performances, for those of us a little further away, it would be great to have the opportunity to hear more of them – an eponymous EP that came out in November goes some-way to address this.

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SheWolf – EP – SheWolf is available on iTunes.*

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Ghost Season

The Athens, Greece, based Ghost Season is a rock quintet comprising – Nick Lountos (Vocals), Nick Christolis (Guitars), Nash Sinner (Guitar), Dorian Gates (Bass) and Chris Grekas (Drums).

Ghost Season - rock from Greece

Ghost Season

A mesmerising flurry of percussion spirals around the room as Ghost Season bring their metal inspired melodic rock to the audience. It is easy to imagine the quintet filling a big stadium with their commodious guitars which soar out of the speakers with fluidity and prowess. Only a year and a bit old, the quintet sound as through they have been together far longer.

Ghost Season fill the ears with powerful undertow that is driven by the bass and rip current drums as the two guitars add complexity through wave upon wave of chords whilst the vocal rounds out the music with a classic rock presence.

The genre of heavy-rock inspired sounds is a space in which many bands jostle for notice yet Ghost Season manage to carve out some room through skilful musicianship that deservedly allows the spotlight to rest upon their out-put.

Still establishing their fan-base and live performance presence, Ghost Season have been able to release their first EP – Ghosts Like Her, which serves as a fine introduction to a band who have the potential to travel far and I wish them every success. Rumour has it of an LP to follow – this year.


Ghosts Like Her – EP – Ghost Season is available on iTunes.*

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