Bourbon Street Beat

Bourbon Street Beat from Manchester in England is the rock-a-billy trio of Iain Hammond (Vocal / Guitar), Joe Morrison-Hay (Bass) and Andy Mackenzie (Drums).

Bourbon Street Beat - rock-a-billy from England

Bourbon Street Beat

Other than turning up the speakers and making space for a dance-floor, the only other decision to make when hitting play with Bourbon Street Beat is to decide between brothel-creepers or a pair of Mayura Boots.

Gilding easy flowing Southern Blues with temper, the trio offer a sound which combines square-dance with rock’n’roll to afford the audience the opportunity to take the sound as they see fit and as you well know by now I have inevitably reached for a pair of electric blue brothel-creepers to accompany the writing of this article.

Bourbon Street Beat don’t attempt to challenge the audience with complex forays of sound, rather extend the opportunity to move the legs in time. Sometimes this is all you want of music and the trio are deft exponents at creating a sound which includes everyone.

Whilst they are able to deliver unctuous reference points for a lap-steel to join in, the material doesn’t appear lacking as underlying it is an ever present need to keep moving and it is the ability of the trio to create music that doesn’t short-change the audience as the easy to grapple with beats are underpinned by strong melody.

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Colt 66

Colt 66 from Belfast in Northern Ireland and Bristol in England is the scowling-rock collaboration between Dan Moxham and Wild Blue Rivers.

Colt 66 - scowl-rock from England

Colt 66

The laconic tracks by Colt 66 shorn of flummery bristle around the room in bad-temper brushing the audience into cowering in the corner as the acerbic lyric seethes of frustration. Braving the fulminations the audience finds this is a sound full of foot-steps to follow and soon the darts become welcome scars to take the listener on a rock-a-billy derived journey, which finds the body happily stepping round the open spaces. Think – The Cramps without Poison Ivy and you are in the ball-park of Colt 66.

The out-put of Colt 66 for its very bareness invites the mind to dwell on the compositions and very soon finds that far from being a sound of hostility they quickly become the sort of friends that you can’t believe you haven’t known all your life as they seem to understand you so well.

A début eponymous LP appeared in the latter half of last year and is well worth grabbing hold of along with a new pair of ботинки на манной каше. I am already looking forward to the follow-up.


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Doodah Farm

Doodah Farm from Liverpool in England is the alt-rock-a-billy quartet of Stevie (Acoustic Guitar / Vocals), Mark (Bass), Joe (Ukulele) and Matt (Drums).

Doodah Farm - rock 'n' roll from England

Doodah Farm – rock ‘n’ roll from England

Electric-Blue suede brothel creepers make perfect sense with Doodah Farm as they combine folk with rock ‘n’ roll finding the listener with a broad smile and dancing feet. I am minded of The Nerve (the 70’s band) for the 21st Century as inside the bouncing pieces is a considered smartly observant lyric.

Skittering percussion is flecked with a softly spoken bass, which gives the sound a firm footing, allowing the acoustic instruments to swivel happily, creating a sound that is lots of fun to listen to as the quartet merge the light hearted with a considered reflective that coalesce in a formula that allows the audience to tap their feet whilst considering the layers.

About a year old, Doodah Farm is still finding a defined area of sound, as earlier pieces are more folk orientated, some replete with mouth-organ, than the most recent material. As a personal preference, it will come as no surprise to you that I enjoy the more energetic newer compositions, which combine both the considered with the scatter-gun spine which inevitably holds more interest to my ears and I also feel it gives them a more spacious singularity than the heavily Dylan referenced early sounds.

I look forward  to hearing more of Doodah Farm in short order.


Oi Oi – Single – Doodah Farm is available on iTunes.*

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The Suns

Rock-a-billy from Chester in England – yes you read that right, welcome to Liam, Jono, Rutter, Dave and John who make up The Suns and put on your blue suede shoes before you go further.

The Suns - rock-a-billy from England

The Suns

Being a music reviewer is such fun some times and here I am dancing with the keyboard as I attempt to type, thank you The Suns. But aside from my own enthusiasm – why else am I am asking you to spend a moment with a band that is so retro that Dr. Who becomes redundant?

Inside the snappy swirling tunes are compositions which rebound to 2014 – even the sardonic introduction ‘please could you consider us for a listen. we are from england and we wear black’ tells us all we need to know. Sometimes music is just for the joy of it and The Suns don’t need lengthy pomposity as to how the bass hits a demanding C minor as the lead guitar reaches a clef of D major and wow it all sounds perfect at The Albert Hall.

Take it from me – switch to your dancing feet and just dance with vivacious joy wherever you are right now.

That isn’t to say that The Suns can’t hit a note and explore the far more serious to further enthral the audience.

From the retrograde references to Sun Records and a logo demanding of a 45 rpm on a juke-box which retains that reference point – I am a fan of it, thanks The Suns for doing what you do and yes I do really have a pair of blue brothel creepers and thanks for giving them a work-out as I finally settle back to the desk.

A couple of tunes to consider and if you don’t want these to be released on vinyl – I think you are reading the wrong website.


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