Jouska – Stopped Clock – Audio

The trio of Craig (Guitar), Jimmy (Bass) and Rob (Drums) from Leicester (England) who form the maths-rock band Jouska are planning for an LP next year.



On the 30th of November they released the two track single Lunapark (available on bandcamp), both of which will be on the album, immediately strikes the ears with the finesse of interplay, in what are predominately instrumental compositions.

While being of the sharp angles anticipated by mathematical-rock they have been able to invest a sense of the sharp rebound of a snooker ball cannoning off the cushion of new rubber on a snooker table, which gives the music an unexpected organic ebb and flow.

My pick of the single – the second track – Stopped Clock, this sense of a living and breathing being is further enhanced by a shifting timestamp which gives the music, as well as spiked points, an ever changing signature. It of course does help, to my ears, that a prominent bass guitar proffers strings through the speakers for the listener to pluck.


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Victories At Sea

Victories at Sea from Birmingham in England is the synth-rock trio of John-Paul (Vocals / Guitar), Steve (Bass / Keys) and Rob (Drums).

Victories At Sea - Synth-rock from England

Victories At Sea

The combinations of strings, natural percussion and electronics which is tipped by a plaintive vocal that gives Victories At Sea a surprisingly organic reflective that fleetingly whirls around the room before disappearing akin to a stream of smoke.

The trio caress the listener with silk gloves that tease the head in gentle touches. Victories At Sea deliver music which has a rhythm that pulsates as by osmosis inside the body and the audience becomes part of the music as it kneads the cortex into reveries of fusion.

Experienced musicians with approaching half a decade together, the progression of Victories At Sea thus far has been somewhat pedestrian. As I have noted many times this past year the use of analogue-synth is an ever more prevalent part of the UK music scene and I can only hope they will find that their training will now allow them the opportunity to maximise on the crest of a wave that currently flows.


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Diablo Furs

Diablo Furs from Nottingham is the new-wave duo of Rob and Sue.

Diablo Furs - new-wave from England

Diablo Furs

Still in formation – Diablo Furs is still auditioning for the full line-up, but like the excitable individual that I am, rather than waiting for the final sound, I just had to let you know about it.

Turn up the volume and let the sounds slap you across the face as subsumed garage rock scowls around the room. The enthusiasm and energy is palpable as Diablo Furs turn their thoughts back to late ’70s early ’80s with a pulsating percussion a fuzz of guitar and vocal which scatter showers of speed across the audience and you just know this is music for an all-nighter – dayer – and next night too, but unlike a drug fuelled binge, the come-down is less painful, though your ears will be thumping and your muscles aching.

Appositely, as I have commented many times this year about the new sound of Indie Rock in the UK, you will ascertain hints of synthetics in some of the renditions.

It is when I happenstance upon acts like Diablo Furs that life as a music reviewer spins into one of euphoria.

My thoughts – if you are a musician based anywhere near Nottingham and looking for a band – detune your guitar – flail your drum-kit – but do try and get aboard a band with dynamism and a sound that will never be heard on the plasticity of BBC Radio 1 – music as it should be.

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A series of Demo tracks have appeared on bandcamp.

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The Great Sabatini

The Great Sabatini – an alt-metal band from Montreal in Canada – is Steve (Drums / Vocals), Sean (Guitar / Vocals), Joey (Bass / Vocals) and Rob (Guitar / Vocals).

The Great Sabatini - alt-metal from Canada

The Great Sabatini

Pin back your ears and be prepared for a nerve jangling experience with The Great Sabatini. Don’t be fooled by the seeming rawness of it all, as the quartet are in-fact highly expressive and experienced musicians who prefer to avoid the accoutrements of grandeur, giving the resulting out-put a blurry quality to which the listener can immediately relate.

Whilst the music has an apparent simplicity to the ears, there is much going on within the performance and it the ease with which The Great Sabatini is able to express complexity, simply, that raises the bar and makes them a band I recommend spending some time getting to know.

Currently winding down what has been an extensive North American tour the band also find some time to get into the studio and their third LP – the ten track – Dog Years – has recently appeared on bandcamp. Well worth adding to the collection.


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No Man’s Valley

No Man’s Valley from Horst in The Netherlands is the alt-rock quintet of Jasper (Vocals), Christian (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Rob (Bass / Backing Vocals), Ruud (Organ / Philicordia / Piano / Backing Vocals) and Ruud (Drums).

No Man's Valley - alt-rock from The Netherlands

No Man’s Valley

There is an easy confidence to the music produced by No Man’s Valley, which is steeped in influences of decades ago, but they manage to give it a relevance to the 21st Century. Somewhat psychedelic blues textures billow around the room, but for me, what marks the sound as being of captivating interest is the contribution by (lets call him – Ruud 1) with the keys, that enable the quintet to flex considerable soaring flows to the core sound.

Tracks are given time to naturally develop without heading off on too obscure angles as No Man’s Valley allow themselves to explore the nuances of the compositions in openly spaced playing. Not a band to play when you are pushing up against the clock, but certainly worth unfolding when you have time at your disposal.

A somewhat appropriately named five track release …. And Four Other Songs is set to be launched in the 23rd March as a follow up to their 2012 release Mirror Image. In addition to the March release is a forthcoming new single – The Wolves Are Coming.


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