The Scarlet Fever

The Scarlet Fever an electro-rock band from Toronto in Canada comprises Jay Draper (Vocals), Rob Peets (Guitar), Bradburn Williams (Keyboards), Brad Pope (Bass) and Chris Woodacre (Drums).

The Scarlet Fever - Photo by Jerimie Graham

The Scarlet Fever – Photo by Jerimie Graham

The Scarlet Fever underlay their sounds with a brooding presence giving the audience the sense this is best served in a mist shrouded cemetery. The quintet is able to balance along the precipice of pure theatrical showtime and serious material as they provide the ears with expansive palettes of  flamboyance, whilst tethering the compositions in considered resonance.

Swooping guitars travel across the stage akin to a trapeze artist, whilst the vocal acts as compère. To which a fluidity of sensuous synth affords the sounds layers of exploration as the bass firmly anchors the compositions to earthy texture.

The Scarlet Fever have not taken the easy route as their tracks are one of Marmite. Easy to dismiss as crass plastic playthings, or to take to heart as considered challenging constructs.

Evidently, as I have asked you to take the time out of your day to take time to consider the quintet I am one of those who likes Marmite and I hope you do too. Allow that savoury taste to develop in your ears and you will find much to enjoy.

If you are not in England you may be thinking – what is this with ‘Marmite’? A quick internet search will find the answer for you, though it won’t necessarily explain the context of ‘like it or hate it’.


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