The Nights

The Nights is an ambient electronica trio from Sydney in Australia comprising Rob CampbellThomas Marland and Walter Flamenco.

The Nights - ambient electronica from Australia

The Nights

There is always a pleasure in breaking the national stereotype and The Nights with their soft hand cream delivery certainly break the perception as their smooth flowing silken electronics slide across the room.

As though attempting to climb a slate cliff with a pick The Nights slough the notes into the room, each gently slipping against the edge of the other in a cascading layer of sound that tumbles around the ears gaining intensity and yet pacivity in equal measure. The listener is left in a gentle embrace of music which caresses the head on a soft pillow of music.

With deft sleights of hand the synthesisers and computers slip one betwixt the other in a continual flow of notes which calm and intrigue much like a wax lamp. The listener can feel their head slow down as the music continues to pour and before long there is a seemingly natural cohesion between the synthetic and the synapse as they beat in equal rhythm.

The Nights are appropriately named, as this is music to take the helter skelter of the day away to rest the mind and settle into a slumber of calmness.


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