Rival Island – I Wanna Know You – Video

The US rock’n’rollers Rival Island, who were in the 2018 New Year Ninety, have surfaced with a new song to follow-up their March LP Heroes and Villains.

Rival Island - I Wanna Know You

Rival Island

There is a reason why Rival Island regularly feature on the site and the live version of I Wanna Know You sums it up well – a feel-good factor seeps through the speakers with the warm, slightly retro, tones that always makes the world seem a better place.

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New Year Ninety 2018 – 60 to 51

Again the The New Year Ninety Chart as selected by the readers’ of the site contains musicians from every continent, barring one, Antarctica, from where no band has ever featured, though something I still aim to rectify at some point in time – from  60 to 51.

Allegory - New Year Ninety 2018


60. The Moon Apes (Based in England)

Six Of Seven is available on bandcamp.

59. Todd Kessler (USA)

About Memory – Todd Kessler is available on iTunes.*

58. Rival Island (USA)

Look To The Sun is available on bandcamp.

57. Femme (England)

56. Strangely Attractive (USA)

Do You Really is available on bandcamp.

55. Dendera Bloodbath (USA)

54. Terrestria (Scotland)

Things You’ll Never Know – Single – Terrestria is available on iTunes.*

53. Pillgrinns (England)

Smile is available on bandcamp.

52. Allegory (England)

51. Mike Bankhead (USA)

Echo In The Crevices is available on bandcamp.

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Rival Island – Where She Was – Video

The US rock’n’roll outfit Rival Island return with yet another different soundscape in Where She Was.

Rival Island - Where She Was

Rival Island

Each time Rival Island feature they introduce a slightly different retro reference point to their material and the newest song to surface – Where She Was – is no exception with its infusion from ’50s rock’n’roll.

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Rival Island – Start Again – Single Review

The US indie-dream duo Rival Island released the single Start Again on the 12th.

Rival Island - Start Again - artwork

Rival Island – Start Again – artwork

The latest track to surface (available on bandcamp) continues the theme of their last feature with a hazy flow of blurry guitar that fills the room with feel-good factor as Rival Island invite the audience to slow-step with a partner across the dance-floor with a nod to the finest of ’50s rock’n’roll.

Those of sharper eye for detail may have noticed that the accompanying artwork for the single is entitled See You There – one can only cross fingers and toes in expectation that this sign-posts a new LP is on its way.

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Rival Island – Don’t Mind Molly – Video

Rival Island is an alt-indie duo from the USA.

Rival Island

Rival Island

With material ranging from frayed rock to indie dance Rival Island in which ever guise they choose to deliver their music it has a transnational  and cross-genre appeal with compositions that hold attention.

With only one album behind them Look To The Sun (which is available on bandcamp) they appropriately elected to showcase their spread of music in the approximately 25 minute six track LP (also available as a ten track just under forty minute version).

From either version the fifth track – Don’t Mind Molly – finds them creating a number that contains many of their influences as it evolves through bluesy-rock, indie-dance and shoegaze.

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