The Hollow Bones

The Hollow Bones a garage rock band from Newtown in Australia is John (Guitar / Lead Vocals), Rik (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Harry (Drums).

The Hollow Bones - garage rock from Australia

The Hollow Bones

Wrapping 50’s rock and roll, hooking it up with ’70s new wave and serving it in the ’10s The Hollow Bones deliver fun and interest on a plate. Frothing with exuberance these three know how to work as a unit as the sounds bounce across each other in a frenzy of activity which enthuses the listener.  Frenetic percussion bursts thought the room accompanied by clouds of guitars over which lies a vocal which sits perfectly with the music.

Very much a band to see live, The Hollow Bones have a stretch of songs which are tucked away on their Facebook page, though worth digging to find if you are not able to see them live. Just don’t plan on putting your feet up when you hit play as this is a band to enjoy whilst flipping around the room to the infectious sounds. They have the official release for their debut single Hot Press on the 13th at Spectrum in Sydney.

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