Ricecrackers – Five Golden Rings – Single Review

The US alt-rock band Ricecrackers were introduced last year and released their latest single – Five Gold Rings – on the 12th.

Ricecrackers - Photo by Adela Locsin

Ricecrackers – Photo by Adela Locsin

A slight line-up change now finds Nathaniel Peirce on drums, other than that the players remain the same, although in Five Golden Rings the style is quite altered, in a track that draws from free-form jazz.

Pitch and tempo changes feature significantly, giving the track a dramatic presence, almost theatrical-poetry in delivery as the inflections underscore particular ideas. The voice challenges the audience with haunting use of unexpected keys, whilst the percussion slips between pace highlighting the disturbance of the lyrics. Guitar and Bass, whilst adding to the drama and always distinguishable, take the role of framing the voice in supportive roles.

There is enough of similarity for those who already know Ricecrackers to grab hold of, while being sufficiently different to prick their ears inquisitively. Although, on a personal level, free-free form jazz is always something I struggle to get to grips with, Five Gold Rings also retains enough grounding for the just under two and a half minute track, which is available on bandcamp, for it to make sense and a track that I do enjoy.

I give credit to Ricecrackers for having the gumption to strike out on a different path.

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RiceCrackers is an alt-rock quartet from Boston in the USA comprising Olivia West (Vocals), Huxley Rittman (Guitar), Yoshi Ady (Bass) and Andy Jung (Drums).

RiceCrackers - alt-rock from the USA


The underlying perturbation which slides into the room wraps the mind in a sense of unease as RiceCrackers deliver their sounds of societal disquiet. A disparity of influences, gives the quartet a distinctive space, as rumblings of furious temper meet measured harmonics.

The grungy four stringer gives the material an ever present omniscience as RiceCrackers introduce percussion which at one moment leads the tempo and next brushes up the remnants, whilst guitar is allowed scope to explore melancholic melodies, to which an instantly recognisable signature vocal slices through the sound.

Recently established and beginning to develop a live performance presence, RiceCrackers have also recently released an EP – Kolohe Kid (which is available on bandcamp) in which they showcase their varying sounds. With songs usually lasting well under three minutes, in which they pack much fire-power, it is perhaps of no surprise that I have selected a track that lasts for over four. However, given the off-beat ska influence, it is exactly as you would have expected.

I look forward to getting to hear more of RiceCrackers and it will be interesting to discover the future direction of style for the quartet.

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