E S T R O N S based in Cardiff, Wales, is the alt-rock quartet of Taliesyn KällströmHugh ParryJames Keeley and Rhodri Daniel.

E S T R O N S - alt-rock based in Wales


Formed a couple of years ago E S T R O N S have spent much of their time garnering a live audience, playing across much of the country with their darkly dampened bass featuring strongly and as you know a prominent bass is always likely to capture my attention. Guitar glides spectrally across the room adding dichotomies that sheer the ears like sparks from a grinding axe, whilst a precise percussion pulsates inside the brain to which a soaring vocal delivers the furnishing in either Welsh or English excoriating of travails and spurious relationship.

E S T R O N S deliver compositions which captivate the audience with their doom laden temperament which wraps folds around the head whilst in the background muffle lays a beacon of light guiding towards a far off route of escape.

After a short break in which Taliesyn gave birth, they have an almost eponymous single set for release on the 6th April Aliens. Were the band named estroniaid then it would be eponymous, were they called estron and the single alien it would have been too. However, they aren’t and it isn’t –  E S T R O N S, have a new track coming out – called Aliens, that finds them in a more shoegazy moment and why did I mention the birth of a child? Björn makes his début appearance in the closing frames of the accompanying video.

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