Myohwar – Floodsong – Single Review

The Australian psychedelic-glitch project Myohwar of Jordan Roth releases the single Floodsong on the 30th.



The only demand made of the listener is to trip the lights and close eyes allowing themselves to be enveloped in the just over seven minute track.

Opening with a cacophony of ideas Floodsong evolves quickly into a racing heartbeat of electro-drum key and whilst this spirals ever faster – kaleidoscopic wefts of synthesis drift in to earshot which gradually harness the synapses and everything settles to a mesmeric colourful palate of strung drum skins and bleeding guitar leaving the listener in a convolution of palpitating pulse and dreamily rolling REM eyelid.

Myohwar is able to contextualise polar opposite extremes, yet fuse in to Floodsong a sentient being in which the listener can take comfort.

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Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good – Single Review

Dama Scout is a gaze-rock trio split between Scotland and England.

Dama Scout

Dama Scout

Freshly out of the blocks, Forget It’s Good, their first single was released a couple of hours ago and given the luscious soundscape a trio I expect to come back to frequently.

Forget It’s Good (available on bandcamp) majestically sweeps its way into the room in a haze of captivating vocal and lightly tipped guitar, prior to percussion and bass dropping in to earshot, suddenly giving the track layers of deep resonance to parry with the light. Guitar and drums loop through calmness until unexpectedly firing up like a Harley-Davidsons’ throbbing exhaust bubbling away, only to disappear as quickly.

The juxtapositions of the ideas, rather than causing lament, prick up the ears to pay even greater attention.

I wish Dama Scout every success and look forward to hearing more. Word does arrive that a few songs have already been written and are likely to be revealed in short order.


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aloric – Fate – Single Review

The English melancholic-rock project aloric released the single Fate within the past twenty four hours.

aloric - Fate


Akin to previous material by aloricFate (available on bandcamp) gracefully floats around the room. On this occasion with a more orchestrated and layered feel with greater emphasis on both bowed and strummed strings, whilst giving vocal more prominence and the opportunity to soar in emotional turmoil giving the track a melancholic temperament that holds the attention.

Another piece of music well worth adding to the collection and again demonstrating that aloric have the ability to turn bleakness into poignant beauty.

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King Catcher – Walking On The Edge Of The Light – Single Review

King Catcher is a nu-disco duo from England.

King Catcher

King Catcher

If you were looking for a reason to refresh memory on the steps to dancing the Hustle and a reason to pull out the glitter King Catcher are the answer.

Walking On The Edge Of The Light evokes of neon lights and flashing dance-floors with its funky dips and sashays, but the duo have done more than fluff down the old and despite the retro-reference points they deliver a sound that is less garish, finding a new iteration which finds itself as welcome in Berghain as it does at a diamond wedding anniversary party.

King Catcher deliver music that simultaneously is as cutting edge club-night as it is sedative for insomnia and even if you are absolutely convinced that EDM will never work for you – I posit giving Walking On The Edge Of The Light a spin will find even those of you who are, like me, of most jaded cynicism and trenchant view – discovering hips involuntarily swaying with the brushes.


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Blind Beggar – Big Black Hole – Single Review

The Welsh psychedelic-fuzz quartet Blind Beggar were introduced earlier in the year.

Blind Beggar - Big Black Hole

Blind Beggar

The latest track to surface – Big Black Hole is a quicker number than music previously featured, though don’t take this out on a training run as a metronome for the pace, as that needs to be placed in context.

Blind Beggar have the knack of delivering a guitar that sounds as though it is being played in slow-motion, to the extent it appears they have been able to slow down the speed of sound as the fuzzy bending chords drift through the room while the percussion and bass pulse in double time giving the composition both a noticeable bounce and a hypnotic calmness with vocal seemingly appearing from another dimension entirely with its extended enunciation.

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