Echotape – We’ve Been Dreaming – Single Review

The English alt-rock band Echotape release the single We’ve Been Dreaming on the 25th.

Echotape - We've Been Dreaming


The single is a more whimsical journey than much of their work as Echotape embed a folkiness to We’ve Been Dreaming, though they do retain their distinctive bounciness which finds itself with interweaving between multi-voice choir giving the track an intriguing sound.

Percussion jogs along cheerfully whilst around gently surface acoustic and electric guitars and the bass steps back from the space for much of the almost three and three quarter minute track and it is due to the easing in and out of the various elements in We’ve Been Dreaming that gives it its impressive composition in a piece where vocal forms the focus of attention.

There is enough for those who are already fans to recognise, whilst marking out slightly different territory that will captivate others as Echotape provide a tenderness in We’ve Been Dreaming that isn’t often exposed.

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The Everglows – Feetwalking – Single Review

Initially introduced in August of last year the English mod-rock band The Everglows have become a regular feature.

The Everglows - Feetwalking - artwork

The Everglows – Feetwalking – artwork

Closing out their 2015 The Everglows released a new single yesterday – Feetwalking, which is available on bandcamp. The piece finds them in very different territory with a rock-centre that displays their more gentle side, which surfaces from time to time, in the just over three and a half minute track.

The guitar notes are allowed to linger longer and everything is given a frosted finish in a number that has an almost shoe-gaze feel to it as the trio play around with shimmering melodies. Whilst moving from their centre ground there is sufficient of the ’60s to capture the attention of current fan-base and simultaneously draw in a new audience as the growing confidence of The Everglows finds them giving themselves permission to demonstrate their wider ability to create material that can and does carve out some space of differential, in much the same way that the The Who evolved to tread steps of difference.

I look forward to discovering on which path The Everglows tread with future material and word arrives of plans for their début LP by the middle of next year.

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Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean – Single Review

The English Indie quartet Sugarmen released the single Plastic Ocean on the 4th.

Sugarmen - Plastic Ocean - artwork

Sugarmen – Plastic Ocean – artwork

Following on from the single Dirt which served as an introduction so Sugarmen earlier this year, Plastic Ocean has a more solid feel to it as the quartet combine psychedelic meanderings with indie rock to deliver a track that contains both intriguing eddies to explore and music that has the body swaying in enthused response.

Rather than packing Plastic Ocean with layers of complication Sugarmen strip away the excess fat leaving the audience with a track, that is easy to engage with whilst serving lavish melodies, that fills the room with a sense that all is well in the world of music as long as the quartet are creating songs.

Having spent the much of this year establishing themselves as a band to get to see live, Plastic Ocean will add weight to their attracting wider audiences and if Sugarmen build on the momentum, should see them gain significant traction in 2016.

Plastic Ocean – Single – Sugarmen is available on iTunes.*

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Tuska – Fine – Single Review

Tuska are a Brighton (England) based psychedelic rock group, featuring core members Richard Sturges (Guitar / Vocals) and Rob Weaver (Guitar / Vocals).



Thanks once again to Robbie for taking the time to write some thoughts…

Tuska has just released their début single Fine on the 4th and what an introduction it is. The entire track drips with this intoxicating sheen that harks back to summer days and balmy nights, a far cry from what we’re experiencing in these dreary winter months.

The drums in the opening moments are delightfully saggy and perfectly compliment each section, weaving in and out to introduce each repeat of that incredibly catchy chorus. With shades of Tame Impala in the vocals and melodic content, Tuska has brought something familiar yet pleasingly fresh to the table.

The guitar parts are artfully presented, with lots of character oozing from clever riffs. What makes this single come alive is the excellent production – there is a lot going on in the mix and each element gels incredibly well with the next. There is a ton of creativity going on here, with little fillers and effects propelling the arrangement beyond the sum of its parts.

Catchy to the point of cruel, Fine is a killer début single. Owing to clever song writing and careful harnessing of elements from psychedelic rock, Tuska has fashioned a hazy pop-rock song that is proving impossible to resist. Well done guys, I look forward to hearing follow-up material in the New Year.

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False Heads – Steal And Cheat – Single Review

When introduced in 2013 the English indie-rock band False Heads were a quartet, as a slimmed down trio, the music has developed more punch.

False Heads - Steal And Cheat - artwork

False Heads – Steal And Cheat – artwork

The latest single, Steal And Cheat, being released on the 11th is a track that explodes into the room with a flourish before settling into natural flow of rhythm that the listener immediately wants to join in with as False Heads demonstrate their ability to create high impact music that can also hold melody.

The trio are very able creators who are able to combine technical prowess with natural connectivity enabling False Heads to deliver music that instantly resonates with the audience. Steal And Cheat highlights a band who, with justice, will find themselves riding high in the music business for many years to come and I look forward to featuring more of their future releases.

Steal and Cheat – Single – False Heads is available on iTunes.*

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