APES – If You Want It – Single Review

The Australian indie band APES released the single If You Want It on the 14th.

APES - If You Want It

APES – If You Want It

Initially featured in 2014 APES have undergone a transition in sound, from heavy rock riffs, via blues influences to an indie-light output, in a track that diffuses the guitar to a backdrop for the template rather than the point of fulcrum.

Everything has been toned down with the voice becoming the focus of attention. It will be interesting to see if this is their new direction of travel or part of a continuing exploration in their sound. An LP, which is scheduled for early 2017 on which If You Want It is set to appear will perhaps shed further light.

If You Want It – Single – APES is available on iTunes.*

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Winter – Dreaming – Single Review

The US ethereal-rock band Winter – released the single Dreaming on the 12th.

Winter - photo credit @roycifer

Winter – photo credit @roycifer

Lasting for less than three minutes – Dreaming (available on bandcamp) inflects of the contrary nature of REM sleep with its rapidly punctuating flecks that scatter across the room whilst underneath the hive of rapid eye movement lays the calmness of a mind drifting in to imaginary scapes of visualisation and despite the seeming disturbance of it all in the physical form, is the brain quietly relaxing and flushing out recomposed ideas and thoughts, leaving the mind refreshed for another day.

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Hell Oh! – Blush – Single Review

It has been approaching eighteen months since the Brazilian alt-rock quartet Hell Oh! last featured.

Hell Oh! - Blush

Hell Oh! – Blush

Their latest single – released on the 14th – Blush discovers Hell Oh! with more psychedelic tint than much of their music previously featured.

Pace is slowed and lazily drifting shimmering guitar weaves through Blush giving the track an expansive air in which phrases hang in the air to be savoured before, gradually building replacement chords replace the sonics, with the listener always left with the sense that they are listening to billowing clouds of sound that run through the just over four minute track.

Blush – Single – Hell Oh! is available on iTunes.*

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Shape Of The Sun – Artificial Hearts – Single Review

The US protest-rock project of Nate LinekShape Of The Sun released the single Artificial Hearts today.

Shape Of The Sun

Shape Of The Sun

The three track single has a palpable sadness that bubbles even the most water-proof paint from the walls as the dark progressions drip from the architrave. Yet, despite its pessimism of the here and now, finds the listener spotting the faint light at the end of the tunnel which is the fulcrum of the intent of Shape Of The Sun. Things don’t have to be as they are currently, which makes for a fascinating conundrum that is all gathered together in Artificial Hearts.

Opening with Real Boy – which prophesies that a better day is an attainability, whilst conceptualising of the realities of daily grind –  and a cleverly worked piece of music as it merges both present and future possibility in a brief four and just under two thirds minutes of story telling, with a surprising twist of optimism towards the intent of friend and foe alike.

Next is We Are The Ones which is a reprise of  what has been and what could become as again Shape Of The Sun demonstrates through the tears and isolation a sense that there are opportunities with a trust that others see it too.

Closing out with He Mostly Kept To Himself – which takes the listener to an even darker and self-contemplative space – challenging that each person can choose to not be enveloped in the morass of the ’10s or become encased in it – it is  choice, not an uncontrollable force of outside herding and my pick of the release.


Artificial Hearts – Single – Shape of the Sun is available on iTunes.*

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W I N C H E S T E R – Last Day Of The Year – Single Review

The Canadian synth-wave duo W I N C H E S T E R released the single Last Day Of The Year yesterday.



Drifting elegantly into the room Last Day Of The Year (available on bandcamp) fuses electronics and instrumentation in washes of ambient colours, while burbling percussion gives the track a sense of destiny. Vocals switch between soft brushes and more defined strokes, in similar fashion to the manner in which the track builds as W I N C H E S T E R through the just over four and a sixth minutes of track fill in the scaffolding giving the listener they are listening to an aural descriptor of an image being painted on canvas.

Fortuitously, the track title makes perfect sense to me – as today is my birthday – so somehow appositely – yesterday the 11th was, for me, in some ways the The Last Day Of The Year.


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