Only Sun – Overcome – Single Review

Only Sun is an indie quartet from England.

Only Sun

Only Sun

Their latest single, Overcome which was released on the 17th, skips around the room beckoning of a warmer summer to come which is somewhat a reminder of the band name.

Deft drumming makes the signature sound as clicked sticks rebound on the rims, each other, firmly closed hi-hat and stretched snare. I could quietly leave the review at this point – but that would be to shortchange the other contributions.

The flaring guitar bursts glittering sparkle around the ear whilst energetic bass shreds skin from finger to deliver kicking dance-steps, whilst a sinus-tonal vocal reminds of the best of ‘the ’80s tropical resurgence.

Only the lacklustre could not find engagement with Overcome which for its very breeze is able to shred any clouds in the sky and the listener is left with a sense of exuberant enthusiasm for life in the just under two and a half-minute invitation to bask in the bright sunshine that is the sound of Only Sun.


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Morning Fuzz – Rain And Thunder – Single Review

The US rock ‘n’ roll quartet Morning Fuzz released their latest single – Rain And Thunder yesterday.

Morning Fuzz - Rain and Thunder

Morning Fuzz

An extremely appropriate name for a release I am considering whilst around me – here in the UK that stuff from the sky –  rain and thunder tumble around my ears as the backdrop to the music dancing out of the speakers.

It isn’t often that one can say Rain And Thunder just brightened the day – but the just over four minute track of infectious dance-beat does just that. As with music previously featured by Morning Fuzz, they don’t seek to add any bells and whistles to a tried and trusted formula dating back over the decades – merely adding their own personalities to the sound.

In a world where many believe adding paraphernalia to music adds value –  Rain And Thunder (available on bandcamp) proves the antithesis is generally far more effective and the listener can’t but help find that their body is involuntarily swaying to the beat.

Always a pleasure to come back to Morning Fuzz as they never disappoint and I am already looking forward to the next release.

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The Blind Owls – All Day And Night – LP Review

Released a few hours ago was the fourteen track LP All Day And Night by the US merseybeat outfit The Blind Owls.

The Blind Owls - All Day And Night - CD

The Blind Owls – All Day And Night – CD

Prior to hitting play on the album – stand up and clear space.

Grabbing hold of ideas by others The Blind Owls are able to put a refreshing spin to the sound as evidenced by the opener title track All Day And Night.

Next is the scuffed guitar of Good Time and the listener is well able to believe that having a good time will be the case though the release.

The sparkling Sweet Baby trips its way in the room next to the accompaniment of a honky-tonk piano which will have you shrieking with the bridge.

Nobody Else continues the thread of infectious dance-ability in fluttering guitar strings which part way through the track change from majors to minors giving the track a double shuffle.

The fifth track – Home continues the thematic of an LP getting better as it evolves and the dampened acoustic guitar allows the audience to catch breath whilst an unanticipated harmonica joins in the moment.

Introducing that flat harmonics which lay at the heart of their music The Blind Owls reveal Better.

My pick of the release is the atypical Out Of My Mind which with an hypnotic off-beat and meandering pace affords The Blind Owls the opportunity to demonstrate they are more far more than straightforward.

Opening the second half of All Day And Night is the bustling percussion of Fever that bounces around the room like a horse happily trotting in a field.

Good To Me – well as it says on the tin – the LP has been good to me and will be to the new listener too as a skiffle-beats challenges the feet to keep in time.

The Cockney Rebel reminding  Searching For creates splinters in the floorboards as the listeners heel and toe dig for purchase.

If They Say is not – to my ears – particularly well suited to the LP – but out of fourteen options – one has to be the least favoured.

Back on firmer footing The Way bounces off the skirting boards like a bagatelle ball on rubber bands.

With some sadness I notice Mystery Man is the penultimate track in an album full of gems and recognising this The Blind Owls demand more of the accompanying dancers who are still valiantly in step.

The closer – Doctor, which takes the audience to avenues anew and the band all come to gather to finish All Day And Night with a flourish which, appropriately for the final track is the one that covers the purchase price of the full album on its own and finds the listener intrigued of future directions of travel.

All Day And Night is available to purchase on bandcamp.

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The Echo Session – But I’m Scared – Single Review

The Scottish indie-gaze quartet The Echo Session will release the single But I’m Scared on the 1st of August.

The Echo Session - But I'm Scared - artwork

The Echo Session – But I’m Scared – artwork

The Echo Session are not ones to rush out releases -back in 2009 two singles were recorded – but only one was ever made available. Seven years later Flowers In the Dustbin dust off the live recording of But I’m Scared, which is available from their bandcamp page. Recorded at the time of the banking crisis and reflecting of living in a world of turmoil and uncertainty, seven years on the sentiment remains as perspicacious.

The fuzzy guitars drift slowly through the room and the listener is reminded of the warmth of a bye-gone era of four-track analogue recordings in a track that, which in 2009 where by then retro reminders too. Like a vintage wine this gets better as it ages though an immediate click of the replay button doesn’t go amiss.

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The Blackheart Orchestra – Keep The Light In – Single Review

The English moody-moment duo The Blackheart Orchestra release the single Keep The Light In on the 24th.

The Blackheart Orchestra - photo by Jeff Cooper

The Blackheart Orchestra – photo by Jeff Cooper

This was first sent to me on the 1st of June – so my apologies for the delay in writing some thoughts to all concerned and to you more particularly.

With a stream of electronics kit and acoustic instruments to lay hand to and all equally deliver their dampened moments The Blackheart Orchestra selected synth, guitar, loop and vocal for Keep The Light In, which ripples out of the speakers akin to a rock being thrown into a mill-pond.

The abrasive electro-drums crash though the speakers prior to the audience being invited to contemplate the undertow of the embers of burning Cathedral timbers and one is reminded of a depiction of the bombing of Dresden in the gothic electronic spires of smoke which, along with the soul eviscerating vocal, both equally leave the audience in quiet trance at the reign of subtle power which reigns upon the ears.


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