Peace On Earth – Shoulder – Single Review

Within the past ten hours the skelter-wave trio of Axel (Vocals / Guitar), Samuel (Bass) and William (Drums) from Gothenberg (Sweden). who form the band Peace On Earth – last featured almost a year ago revealed the track Shoulder.

Peace On Earth - Shoulder
Peace On Earth

Taking elements from their earlier material Shoulder has a more shimmered dreamy context to much of the previous songs as bending guitar flows within the persistency of the drum which marries rims, tight snare and loosened bass-kick giving the song its warming constitution.

Vocal and synthetics melt in to richly textured harmonics while bass ebbs and flows, akin to a strobing illumination from a lighthouse, affording Shoulder its pulsing texture.

All of which meld in to a track which washes through the room filling it with a shimmering ambient glow.

Shoulder (feat. Viktor Sandström) – Single – Peace On Earth is available on iTunes.*

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Olivae – A Place To Stay – Single Review

Vasco Oliveira is a sadcore-folk musician from Porto (Portugal) who performs as Olivae.


Having taken a run through the back catalogue I merely suggest having a pile of clean handkerchiefs to hand to wipe away tears prior to opening up the music.

A little late to the latest release, A Place To Stay (available on bandcamp), which came out earlier this month – apologies.

A song which resonates of gently played strings of acoustic guitar, breaking vocal, both, brushed with the soft keys and hushed vocal of Sara Teixeira creating its own tear streak that catches all those it touches.


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The Candescents – Wet Tuesday – Single Review

The quartet of Alex Harris, Alex von Lehmden, Miguel Alfredo Acero III, Cody von Lehmden from Columbus (USA) who form the indie-suede band The Candescents released the single Wet Tuesday on the 11th.

The Candescents - photo by Aysia Marotta
The Candescents – photo by Aysia Marotta

Dial down the stresses of daily life to the creamy flow of Wet Tuesday as the trouser hems of guitar shuffle through the room accompanied by an expressive and expansive vocal which is able to skip through rising and dropping stanzas with alacrity while the extensive use of softly brushed cymbals add to the dream-like composition as bass swoops in and out of focal point while bass-drum maintains a steadying hand to the composition.

Wet Tuesday – Single – The Candescents is available on iTunes.*


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Virginia Marcs – I Need You – Single Review

Virginia Marcs is an alt-folk creator from New York (USA) who, on the 18th, released the single I Need You.

Virginia Marcs

Virginia Marcs

Whilst in comparison to much of the back catalogue I Need You is of more optimistic demeanour that is merely a factor of contextual relativity.

The luxurious palette consists of hues of deep crimson, rich purple and dark navy with the intricate melodies and immersive vocal sinking deep in to the bone marrow filling the body with an intoxicating warmth leaving the listener with no sense of an outside world.

The only downside is that I Need You is all over within a mere one hundred and seventy eight seconds leaving the audience immediately desirous of more.


I Need You – Single – Virginia Marcs is available on iTunes.*

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45. – Godspeed – Single Review

It was heading towards two years ago that the Bradford (England) trio of Craig (Vocals / Guitar), Chris (Guitar) and Matt (Bass) who form the core of the rock band 45. last featured. On the 17th they released the three track single – Godspeed.

45. - Godspeed - Single Review


The extended gap is not a reflection of lack of new material, rather my own inabilities to keep up to date, later than deserved, an update.

The three tracks on the single (available on bandcamp) are each of different texturing.

The opening track – It’s Got Soul is a dark buffered composition which has the listener investigating to ascertain if they have moving foundations as the pulsing bass / drum combinations rumble through the speakers.

My pick of the release – Glorywalk – is a more emotional and empathetic treatise of a tautly strung lead guitar and snare drum which gives the piece something of a marching anthemic to it, though as the song progresses, in to earshot swims Puducherry cultural influences.

The closer and the title song, Godspeed, is a bright and breezy country-blues influenced rock composition, which appropriately links back to their americana-rock introduction.

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