No Sky – Have Fun – Single Review

The New Zealand slo-gaze trio No Sky release the single Have Fun tomorrow.

No Sky - photo credit - Kate Tovey

No Sky – photo credit – Kate Tovey

Just over a year in to existence No Sky have spent time both in the studio and on the stage to meld the three members of the band, all experienced musicians, in to a cohesive unit and the progression of tracks revealed since May of last year attests to the core ingredient of bands of longer stay, an instinctive connection between the players, is steadily and surely taking shape with Have Fun (which is available on bandcamp) being their most assured reveal thus far with instrumentation, percussion and vocal each forming a natural bonding and weave one within another to create a multi-dimensional timeshifting flow of melting harmonies.

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Mountain Lakes – Storms – Single Review

On the 30th of March the Poland based synthwave trio Mountain Lakes revealed the single Storms.

Mountain Lakes - Storms

Mountain Lakes

Storms is a more fussy composition than music of theirs featured previously, yet although not having the organic fluidity of their last track The Quiet Sun nonetheless keeps the listener attentive to the unfurling song.

Opening with a buffering backwash Storms, for the first minute or so, appears to be heading towards radio station mainstream yet delightfully diverges from such thoughts to open a dreamy side channel and for the next getting on for three and a half minutes is a layering of hazy vocal and ever more pressing electronica which build in intensity which can be felt pressing through the speakers in to the room.

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Crocodylus – My Love – Single Review

The Australian rock’n’roll trio Crocodylus released the single My Love on the 28th of March.

Crocodylus - photo by Ashley Naylor

Crocodylus – photo by Ashley Naylor

A stonkingly good track that is able to reach out of the speakers and launch the listener on to the dance-floor before the first bar has run its course. My Love (available on bandcamp) is a song that lifts the gloom of the travails of life and offers the audience an escape in to a better place and attests to a trio who have much to add to the weave of the world.

The music consists of well-balanced fuzzy smears circling around a superb percussion while filling the room with a retro-garage soundtrack which is highlighted by the unfussy delivery that has an infectious warmth and marks out a band I look forward to hearing much more of over the years.


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Jacob Slater – Butterflies – Single Review

Jacob Slater is an English alt-rock creator.

Jacob Slater

Jacob Slater

Surfacing with new tunes from time to time and appearing on stage locally though better known as the voice of Dead Pretties until their break-up late last year.

It will be interesting to discover whether this is a a new solo career or an interval and opportunity to explore different avenues of creativity. Much of what has been revealed as demo tracks have been acoustic ballads with a sad countenance, the most recent demo, which came in to earshot on the 30th of March – Butterflies – is the first with a fully plugged-in set up.

I will aim to keep you abreast of news.

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Judas – Big Mouth – Single Review

The English indie-rock quartet Judas released the single Big Mouth on the 23rd.

Judas - Big Mouth - photo credit - Elise Wouters

Judas – Big Mouth – photo credit – Elise Wouters

Judas seem to have undergone a complete transformation since their introduction last year with the single Ceasefire, as Big Mouth has a far more self-confident individuality and steps away from the more formulaic indie-dance to a more solid rock foundation.

They haven’t abandoned their earlier sound or audience, rather travel with them to slightly different territory while tightening up the genre-concept and added their own twist to create music that is able to shake, rattle and roll the speakers and more accessible to those of us who like a bit of rough with our diamonds.

Big Mouth – Single – Judas is available on iTunes.*

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