D U N B A R – Cary Grant – Single Review

The US indie-dance quartet, D U N B A R, revealed their début single Cary Grant on the 10th.



Sparkling guitars invite the listener on to the dance-floor while the off-beat percussion / bass combinations give Cary Grant a point of difference in a crowded marketplace, with an impeccable vocal rounding out the sound.

Longer stay readers can’t help to contemplate the short lived band Viola Beach (all of whose members died in a road accident while on a Scandinavia tour in February 2016) when listening to the music and similarly Cary Grant intimates of a band capable of creating music with a global reach and a band I look forward to hearing more from in short order.

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Unblinded – Battle Scars – Single Review

The US garage rock duo Unblinded released their début single Battle Scars on the 6th.



I was particularly struck by the juxtaposition of the main body of Battle Scars (available on bandcamp) with its rapscallion countenance that finds the listener delightedly threshing through the room as the burred guitar and furious percussion / bass combinations pump through the ears with a felted vocal creating empathetic audience participation choral context set against the acoustic fragility and cleverly placed naïvety of the opening bars, which attest to a couple of musicians who know one end of a song from another.

I am already looking forward to discovering more in short order.

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Blurred Out – Modern Waves – Single Review

The US funk-rock quartet Blurred Out released the single Modern Waves on the 9th.

Blurred Out - Modern Waves

Blurred Out

With a different soundtrack to their last feature which had a hazy shimmer, Modern Waves (available on bandcamp) is a more jangular composition with the active bass / percussion combination licking up a fair old tempo with glittering guitar giving the song a jazzy-feel while a softened vocal rounds out the sharper edges while adding a layer of warmth.

Modern Waves has something of a retrospective feel to it which is perhaps apposite as the construct of the song being based on a relative who had Alzheimer’s and hence fragmented recollections of a lifetime of memories.

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Mountain Lakes – The Quiet Sun – Single Review

The Poland based synthwave trio Mountain Lakes released the single The Quiet Sun on the 4th.

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes

As regular readers will know I am often late to emails of introduction,  though they always receive a response, sometimes judiciously my timing on those older emails is on the button – this is one of those occasions. Back in September 2015 I received an email of introduction I caught up with on the 3rd – equally noting in my response that although I had enjoyed what I had heard, there had been no music since then – only to receive notification today (as I type) after an almost three year break from the Studio – Mountain Lakes are back with a brand new single and more planned for the year resultingly…

The Quiet Sun peering over the horizon to herald a new dawning for Mountain Lakes.

The combinations of electronica and guitar pulse through the room in gentle undulations in to which the listener finds their body rhythms syncopating while a silken vocal weaves a web around the ears with audience and band merging in to one another to form a conjoined organic being.


The Quiet Sun – Single – Mountain Lakes is available on iTunes.*

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Kristen – Therapy – Single Review

The US alt-rock outfit Kristen releases the single Therapy next month.



Originating as a solo performer with a folk derivation, over time the project has expanded to a full line-up with Therapy marking a full transition to the new direction of musical travel.

Drawing from the well of rock and soul filtered through a Nashville nesh Therapy has a timeless appeal – being both new and current yet somehow retrospectively familiar with the song generating warmth as it flows through the room.

The thick carpeting of guitars and pedals weaves through bass and percussion while the expressive vocal  is given space to range widely and by the time Therapy is finished the listener is already looking for news of an LP.


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