Flexagon – The Gift – Single Review

Flexagon the ambientwave project from Guernsey released the single The Gift on the 4th.

Flexagon - The Gift

As always, the music, reflects of a spacious and mind-boggling universe enticing the listener in to its cavernous spaces to explore the fractals of expanding electronica.

The Gift (available on bandcamp) refers to a musical instrument – a toombi – which was won in a raffle and gifted to Flexagon.

With no previous experience of the one stringed instrument, Flexagon, has taken the unusual option of using a bow to deliver a track in which the distinctive string can be readily identified, muted though it is under the rich tapestry of hypnotic synthesis, to create a just over eight minutes composition which holds the listener transfixed.

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Reptilians From Andromeda – Doll Witch – Single Release

You just know that 2019 is going to be tip-top year when the Turkish new-wave band Reptilians From Andromeda launch a new track within the first 48 hours of it beginning.

Reptilians From Andromeda - Photo by Bikem Ekberzade
Reptilians From Andromeda – Photo by Bikem Ekberzade

Surfaced yesterday was the song Doll Witch – as always turn up the speakers and let the windows-frames rattle to their own hearts content.

Pulsing bass-lines and bleeding guitar are harried by impatient drums while the signature vocals snarl in to ears – all for it to fall abruptly in to silence a margin over two minutes after commencing.

Is it too early to be starting the long-list for ‘Track of the year 2019’ – I wonder?

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Frostyn – This Is How It’s Gonna Be – Single Review

The alt-indie project Frostyn from Minneapolis (USA) will be releasing the single This Is How It’s Gonna Be on the 22nd.


A track which runs two conjoined ideas which unify, like strawberries and cream, to create a moreish taster.

Underpinned by bright and breezy twinkling of the stardust guitar and synthesised loops, the minors of the elongated properties of the vocal swathe the listener in a web of infectious sadness leaving the audience both swaying on the dance-floor while losing themselves an introspective moment of self-reflection.

This Is How It’s Gonna Be makes for an intimate follow-up to the EP Doc of Love from June of last year – I merely look forward to hearing more while in the meantime I will just clear away that dust that seems to have blown in to my eyes.


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The Ringards – Steppenwolf – Single Review

Once again the English alt-rock band The Ringards ring up the changes to their sound with the latest track – Steppenwolf – which appeared on the 28th.

The Ringards - Steppenwolf
The Ringards

Imagine for a moment Transylvania was transported to Patagonia – and you will be in the right area for the new track.

A delicious gothic gloom is laden with the terraces of the wilderness of South America both gathered together for a sultry tango, with Steppenwolf jousting a hip writhing beat as the listener submits to the lead of the black-leather clad, high stilettos dominance of the sensuousness of the bass / vocal combinations.

Probably best heard whilst bound and slicked in body oil with a gyrating partner to fully appreciate – though as the track lasts only a margin over two and a half minutes – think of it as a scene setter and not a timer.

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Libby Tisler – Paper Heart – Single Review

Surfacing from New Orleans (USA) is the acoustic-emo creator Libby Tisler who released the single Paper Heart yesterday.

Libby Tisler
Libby Tisler

An approaching four and a half minutes track of sadcore-folk which adds Shawn Garrity who provides, amongst other things, a heart rending slide-guitar which enhances the mood music.

Sometimes a pudgy fingered mix creates a track of unintended consequence and this is case in point as from the constituent elements and starting point of country-folk Paper Heart has become an acoustic-emo song with the vocal thrust in to a lanky-spotlight giving the song a scrawling loci in to which the listener finds themselves absorbed by the seemingly abstractionist positioning, yet, is able to add emotive context to the lyric.


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