MAJJ – Burned Skin Will Heal – Audio

The French instrumental prog-rock quartet MAJJ release the LP Relapse on the 21st.



A six track album (available on bandcamp) which is opened by Burned Skin Will Heal.

Burned Skin Will Heal is a track that minds of a blazing orange sunset setting behind distant hills, creating a vision of wide horizons and stark contrasts of light, dark and sharpened shapes. There is also something intangibly science-fiction about the track, vaguely referencing Jeff Wayne’s musical of H. G. WellsWar Of The Worlds.


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Brooke Lanziner – Relapse – Audio

The Canadian fragile-rock creator Brooke Lanziner only has a couple of songs around, both of which are engrossing.

Brooke Lanziner

Brooke Lanziner

A distinctive voice is threaded by molten synthesis and structured through sparse guitar to create music of a tender haunting beauty in to which the listener becomes ever more closely drawn.

The most recent of which, released as a single on the 3rd, is the hypnotic Relapse.

Relapse – Brooke Lanziner is available on iTunes.*

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