REIGHNBEAU – I Want Love – Audio

The US glitch-wave creator REIGHNBEAU featured, last, just over a year ago.



Earlier in the month the EP HIDE (available on bandcamp) was released.

Much like aural origami REIGHNBEAU folds up electronics and vocals in to seemingly unrelated spaces and it isn’t until completion that the final shape suddenly crystallises.

The second of the five tracks is I Want Love.

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Reighnbeau – Ideallove – Audio

Reighnbeau is an avant-garde-electronica project from the USA.



Currently putting together a follow-up LP to the début album Hands the latest track to surface is the ethereal Ideallove with the luxuriant electronica punctuated by loops and samples, giving the track an organic extemporaneous quality that burrows its way into the mind.

Reighnbeau, whilst not aiming to make everything plain sailing, equally are not asking for an astrophysicist to gather a comprehension, as the complicated construction is delivered in a coherence that has, resultingly, a restful feel.


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